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I can just see rochelle now with water floaties to keep her afloat XD

These are very cute, I love the blue in Frankie's hair. Can't wait to see their shoes.

Wow, I'm glad Ever After High dolls were at Justice first, I made good friends and the girls there called me immediately when Apple and Briar were available, and again when they got Raven and Maddie. I know I can depend on them to help me out to get Holt!

Yeah if you could stop with all the exclusives now that would be great.... Not that I'm particularly interested in these three but I'm still pissed about the fact that all the awesome never gets here (Scarily ever after, power ghouls, catrine, cupid, just all the ones I really want). Seriously, I don't even think we've had a single TRU exclusive, and we do have TRU here! ): 

I don't like that exclusive stuff either... as a German Collector it is sometimes really hard to get that stuff. But in the case of justice I am in not that bad mood cause they do international shipping. Sure I would love to get a Holt in a store here in Germany, but I guess that will never happen... or I think not and then I go to our supermarket in the neighbour City and all Hard to find stuff is on the shelfes. I was really suprised... We had the HTC, ALL 13Wishes Basics, the Swimline with Venus, GNO mit Spectra, Musicfestival and both two-packs. Not very much of each, but they were here. I must say, Gigi and Twyla are here very easy to get

I will be more than willing to help overseas collectors get dolls that are not available where you live. I think we should all help each other.

They all look great! The swim lines have been pretty good lately. And NEW HOLT? Well, if that isn't awesome, then I don't know what is. FINALLY! 

It is true that only Frankie's box says Justice Exclusive.

Glad to see them releasing the new Holt. Its about time. Not sure its something we would add to our collection, but I know theres a strong demand. I don't have a Justice store anywhere nearby anyway.

Those pics are really bad. They don't show the entire box so you can't tell if the others have Justice stickers on them or not.

My head is starting to swim with all the new stuff! We don't buy every new doll that comes out, but for anyone who does......good luck!

Right! We do buy them all (I have issues ;)  ). So I'd say: Christmas shopping is almost done already, LOL!

And actually, what's scary is, there's going to be even more released than we know about. Frights, Camera, Action! will inevitably start showing up in November. They always sneak it in just before Christmas. That's what happened last year with Scaris. Introduced it at SDCC and it started showing up by the end of the year. What are we talkin? And easy 100 new dolls by the end of this year? lol 
Verlow said:


My head is starting to swim with all the new stuff! We don't buy every new doll that comes out, but for anyone who does......good luck!

Good news, indeed. The first wave of 'Swim Line 2013' was practically a Justice exclusive, anyway- at least in my area. I think Kohl's got one shipment of them, and never had Venus with green eye makeup. Also, the staff at my local Justices have been great about calling me when EAH dolls arrived and holding them until I got there. I'll ask them to do the same with Holt for me. I'll want the girls, too, but I'll need to pick through the options. Venus and especially Frankie are incredibly eye wonk-prone and they're both wearing sunnies.

That Frankie is pure voltage. I have a great need.


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