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there is a new skelita doll (with a nose) up for pre order on price is $29.99 (a collectors doll?)

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Here a photoshop version of the new Skelita Doll someone did I thought it was super cool. Courtesy of MH doll collector tumblr I'm sure there will be people who will do this to the actually doll. Possibly even buy two to have one with the old make-up. Enjoy

i like this a lot more!

Yeah, I hate her white nose. She doesn't look like a skeleton anymore. This looks like a collectors "REBOOT" edition of Skelita.

I'll be getting her, if only for the outfit.  It might just work on Scaritage / I  Accessories Skelita.

Found some more Skelita pics at Loving the stand very cool. Her flower patterns are real pretty. Again just wished the dress would have been longer with a tail and a hat. Enjoy

Do we know for sure yet if she is regular size or 'deluxe' size?  From the Toy Fair pictures and videos, she looks to be the same size as Dana and Peri & Pearl:  

She looks lovely !! Thanks for sharing pics.

I do like her dress, accessories and fancy stand. Her hair is a pretty color, too. But I think she'd look a lot better with a full-on Day of the Dead sugar skull face-up. Right now she's just...Gray with some snowflakes? :( If I were ever brave enough to customize I'd take a shot at sprucing her up, but I'm always scared of messing up a doll, no matter the price point.

The white nose is such a mistake

I really don't see what makes her "collectible" or special. She looks like any other run of the mill Skelita only with a white nose (which was stupid of them). Draculaura had an entirely different, more adult take on he character stylistically. This Skelita is pointless.


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