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there is a new skelita doll (with a nose) up for pre order on price is $29.99 (a collectors doll?)

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I'm pretty sure someone here said she's apart of the Getaway line

then why is she $30?

She looks to be deluxe pricing.

Her toyfair image looked kinda cute. The faceup is bland and disappointing but the rest looked really nice. Lace on the bottom of her dress, a super fancy stand, green hair but the image used in the amazon listing looks.. off. There's something really "off" in her eyes I think, I find her unsettling and creepy but can't pinpoint quite what it is.

I like her dress, her hair accessories but I really dislike her face as it is in the amazon photo. I hope she looks more like the toyfair doll did. I mean, I can always paint on a black skull nose and add some colour to her flowers. She'd look SO cool with proper colourful swirls and flowers on her face.

i think the rumors about this being a collector's doll is true

Such a fancy stand and I do love those accessories and that dress. Girl needs some help with her face though.

Kinda like the collector draculaura who's eyes are.. off. She looks like she's having a seizure or something with them being all rolled back into her head like they are. What's up with the collector dolls having terribly strange eyes?

I like her a lot and I'm just glad we are getting one way or another. My only problem as I've said before is the fact if this is a collector doll she needed more of a full on La Catrina look. A fancier long Dress with sheer sleeves and diffidently a hat with draping lace in the front. She kinda does have the same nose effect she had before but this time instead of black and hollow like we usually see in a skull it's white... interesting.

I love her... and I just noticed she still has her skull nose but they painted it white against her more off-white skin color.

I just had a thought... what if they are gonna leave the edgier dolls for the Collectors edition? Maybe we'll see deluxe versions of Ghoulia and Spectra eventually. Still think it sucks theyve been removed from the regular lineup. :(

Thats kinda what I've been saying I want since the beginning. I agree with people that the dolls were fine the way there were that their appeal was that they were different and creepy. But reboots revamps have to happen. At the end of the day it's a toy company trying to sell their product no matter how much we love it. All we can hope for those who really don't like the reboot or will probaby buy less is a collector's line. Others companies to it but I not 100% sure yet if mattel will be nice enough to do it for their older fan base and continue it. I guess it will depend on the price and sales. I'm hoping. 

The site says she's an Amazon Exclusive.  With a 6-month advance pre-order.  Interesting.  I assume she's her regular height and not some bizarre stretched out version like the Draculaura Collector's Edition?

I think she might be taller maybe because she has a special stand but that is just a guess.

I wished she would of had the whole La Catrina look. :( I do hope she is the Draculaura size at least its something else. 


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