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Hey all! I was just on (trying to get an invisibilly -__-) anyway! I did look at New Scaremester Twyla and I noticed in the description it says "Twyla, Daughter of the Boogey Man, is looking fashionably fierce in her core school outfit." Which made me think of something I was just talking about with a friend, in all the new Webisodes Catrine, Clawdeen and Jinafire all wear their New Scaremester outfits pretty much all the time now. With the rest of the ghouls staying in their same first appearence outfits. Twyla who just got a new scaremester doll is even in that outfit in the past few webisodes. I try to collect all the basics because thats usually how you see them in the webisodes , merch, movies etc. So now I;'m wondering if New Scaremester is gonna be a thing every season and bring us new permanent looks for the ghouls.. Like will we be seeing a new scaremester Frankie, Cleo , Lagoona etc? anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I get what you're saying but I own both original 2009 and 2012 Frankie and they literally (besides the jointing" are the same doll through and through. Your dolls IN BOX will always be a higher value than any of the re releases so you shouldn't be so worried about that unless you debox your dolls in which case value probably isn't too important to you since you deboxed in the first place. the way you initially commented made it seem like you were completely against even new lines coming out.

calebtobey said:

they can keep doing all the themed lines they want. Go on with a sports line, a fashion gala line, a fishing line, whatever. But i would totally disconnect to the brand if they changed the basic looks of the dolls midway run. That's what made me fall in love with them at first place, if they change them for good, i'm out. it's just my personal opinion. I'm ok with the scaremester clothes popping up in 1 or 2 webisodes, but i'm also glad that they use the basic outfits in the majority of scenes. they're iconic. Iconic stuff is always up to date, even fashion wise.

I'm also sorry that my personal opinion might sound selfish, but i think we're all entitled to our own. The original re-release created only confusion in the collecting world for me, because 1) they made the value of the 2009 releases decrease and 2) they gave people the option of selling one item for another - so when you buy a basic unboxed frankie and you're looking for the original with elastic hips and you get the jointed one you're obviously going to be disappointed.

i didn't find the original on the shelves, i've had to dig my way into getting basic ghoulia, lagoona, holt, gil, whatever doll. and i did not care about the re-releases because they had different head sculpts, i was looking for the original deal. so i had to look for the 2009 dolls. and i did this in 18 months. That's what i mean by "collecting", if it's easy to do it just isn't fun FOR ME. you get all the basic again on the shelves and then what? where's the collecting process? the hunting fun? plus we all know that Mattel sells PLASTIC STUFF for money - and they release enough of them already. They don't sell dreams for children or collectors. They're making enough money with all the new lines coming out, if you worked for them this might seem the reasonable thing to do, but as a collector i can see that you might want the basics out again. I just wouldn't like them, that's all. I cherish enough my boxed lagoona and ghoulia and they're valuable to me, to see them up again on the shelves it would make me think that they're worth less. Sorry, but it's my honest opinion.

Don't hate. I wish for all of you to get what you want in your collection, one way or another, and i'm also honest by saying this.

jools34 said:

Fashion dolls should be concerned with staying updated on today's current trends, no? Isn't that the whole point? I think your logic is also very selfish you're saying that not only do you not want any reproduction of the dolls many people are wishing for to be made , but on top of that you don't want any other versions of the characters to be made as well? I'm sorry but that seems very selfish to ME, personally.

calebtobey said:

there's only speculation about a "original ghoulfriends" trademark but i really hope it doesn't happen.
rare dolls should remain rare for the sake of who owns them.

also i don't get how you say that their basic outfits are dated fashion-wise, but you wish you own them. Shouldn't you be happy with the newer versions of them?
(and i speak with a bit of a snarky tone because i'm the one who wishes dolls only had basic outfits, they're cartoon characters and having one and only outfit it's what makes them most recognizable. Look at Donald Duck, or the Scooby Gang or whatever other superhero. Clothes makes the man. I get that they are fashion doll and they need to sell different lines, but imho the 2010 outfits are still very modern. You still see girls with mini skirts and high socks as clawdeen. For me there would be no need to come up with the 2.0 outfits)

Bite Me said:

They are fashion dolls after all and the original looks are from so many seasons ago, a lifetime in fashion terms. It also makes sense for Clawdeenand Jinafire  to be leading the change in fashion for the rest of the ghouls.

 On a similar subject: does anyone know if the original favorites series will be continued to include Lagoona, Cleo and Ghoulia?

 It would be great to have all the originals in their first looks.

No head sculpts have been changed, other than Spectra's (and she goes back and forth between the 2 sculpts. Eye/face printing can be different from doll to doll and give that illusion, and only Frankie has really gone through any sort of 'change' in terms of her eye printing (much rounder now - I prefer the original wider eyes) - but the head sculpts never changed. There may be very slight differences between dolls manufactured in different countries.

calebtobey said:

 and i did not care about the re-releases because they had different head sculpts, 


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