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**Unless you have already contacted me, I will be holding off on all trades and sales until I receive a lot I have been waiting on. I will update when I get the lot and have pictures! :)


New and Updated list of dolls, I took new pictures of all of the dolls I still have.. I still have one more lot coming in soon, that I will post here as well. I am SO sorry about all of the sideways pics..I would fix one, and it would post right, and then I would fix the next one in the exact same way..and it wouldn't work..I tried several methods before I finally jus gave up.

---so nobody wanted to mention to me that all of my pictures ended up correctly placed? lol..I don't get it

Random important bits of information:

I only ship on saturdays

I have dogs AND cats in my home

Paypal for payment only

I request that if we trade, you send your half first..I've been scammed on here won't happen again.

Generally for about 1-4 dolls shipping is about $5

Single accessories or small packages of just small things the shipping is about $3

I try to only mail in bubble mailers, to make it cheaper, however I have a TON of flat rate boxes, so if you'd prefer them in a box, flat rate is all I have..I know the small is like $5 something, medium is $12.35..Idk what large is off the top of my head.


Wants List: 

-Any pullip doll: I really don't have a preference, I would just love to own one. I absolutely love the ones with bright hair though, like Luna, Luna Rosa, and Akemi

-NIB Basic Venus McFlytrap

-NIB Basic Rochelle Goyle

-Swim Class Rochelle

-Swim Class Holt

-School's out Cleo

-Home Ick Frankie

-Skull Shores Gil

-Basic Jackson

-Coffin Bean Chair

-Nefera hands

-Skull Shores Abbey Shoes (2)

-Basic Toralei Belt

-School's out Lagoona's sock, purse, notebook


Unreleased Dolls:

-New Scaremester Catty Noir

-Avea Trotter

-Sirena Von Boo

-Neighthan Rot

-Bonita Femur

-Wydowna Spider

-Iris Clops

-Manny Taur

-Casta Fierce(?)

-Invisi Billy

-Zombie Shake Venus/Rochelle

-I love fashion Venus

-I Love Fashion Cleo

-Coffin Bean Venus



Brushes: $.50 a piece or all for $8

Stands: (all colored) $3 a piece, $2 for deuce's stand (Broken clip), $1 for stands missing pieces

Diaries: $2 a piece (PD: Abbey, Cleo, Draculaura, Spectra; others: Howleen, Meowlody and Purrsephone) Operetta's diary will go with the doll.

Cards: $1 a piece (RM Frankie, GR Frankie, C.A. Cupid~all others will go to corresponding doll)

First Random bits picture: Rhuen, Memphis $3 each, everything else $.50 a piece

Second Random bits picture: Neptuna $5, everything else $1 a piece

Shoes: $2 a pair, $1 for a single, all shoes in last row are mismatched

First clothing picture: Lagoona jacket $4, Lagoona dotd dress $8, all others $2 a piece

Second clothing picture: $2 a piece

Third Clothing picture: $2 a piece

Room to Howl single bed (top bunk) $5

Room to Howl bunkbed set $20 $15

Nude coffin bean Draculaura $5  $4

Nude picture day Cleo $5 $4 (missing two eyelashes...gahhh.unsteady hands.)

Nude Basic Ghoulia (missing left arm) $15 $10

Rochelle, 2 draculauras (all missing one arm, cut hair) $3 a piece

Bee CAM, Ice CAM, Gorgon CAM $8 a piece Blob CAM $5 (Bee now includes the bee wig!) Purple wig $2

Basic Operetta 100% complete $20

Boys: Forbitten Love Clawd clothes $15 (pants, vest, shirt)

Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra (slightly scraped paint on knee (can't see unless bent), eyebrow rub $7

Sister pack Clawdeen $10 $7

Fearleading Draculaura $20

Dead tired Draculaura (with shoes) $7

Dead tired Draculaura (without shoes) $5

Ghouls Rule Draculaura (complete doll has straight hair $10)

DotD complete Frankie-$20 $15, less complete Frankie $15 $10

School's out Clawdeen $7 (missing one nail, half of one finger)

Forbitten Love Draculaura $7 (SOLD) Dress available for $3




So I found an extra slo mo today, and picked him up. I know he is starting to become easy to find, but I am hoping to trade him for one of the following:
Swim Class Rochelle

Swim Class Holt

Home Ick Frankie

Skull Shores Gil

Skull Shores Lagoona

Basic Jackson

NIB Basic Venus

NIB Basic Rochelle

Slo Mo is new in box (obviously). The box is in great condition with no rips or tears, however the plastic on the left side was bent so there is a slight bend/white mark from where that happened. So..on to the pictures!!


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i like operetta original

Hello I'm interested in the day at the maul pieces - Frankie shirt, Draculaura shirt and skirt. Also, green brush and gold brush. I'm looking through my inventory for possible trades like Abbey shoes and belt. If trading is not possible I'll purchase. THANKS


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