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Okay I just have to tell you some of the new goodies to come. Sorry I can’t show the photos since they are not to be shared and can be sued so I can tell you what I do know.

Two new Characters are coming.

Gigi the Genie and Twyla, daughter of the boogie man.
Twyla is the size of Howleen and Gigi looks tall like Nefera but hard to say from a picture. Feel free to ask any questions about them. I have seen them so they are real.

With the 13 wishes line, they have Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie.

Then they have a Cleo with Beach set and Spectra with a vanity type thing that closes. Maybe what the inside of the genie bottle looks like?

Then there is a Draculaura vanity.

Lagoona is also in this line and the ugliest doll I seen with YELLOW HAIR!!!

Also shown is Ghouls Night out dolls.

Spectra, Lagoona, and Rochelle. There is a Howleen that is sooooo cute but Unsure if Ghouls Night out line or not. 

This is all I have seen myself. So some exciting stuff to come! :)

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Looks fun. I can't wait for the playsets and the new ghouls. And is that lagoona? She looks horrible with highlighter yellow hair

Can someone at least post the link to these pictures please?

According to the rules, links are not allowed... But if you search flickr for 'monster high 13 wishes', you will be able to find all the pictures :)

Clint Edward Sherrow said:

Can someone at least post the link to these pictures please?

go on "monsterhighexperets" flickr. He has them on his flickr as well :)
Clint Edward Sherrow said:

Can someone at least post the link to these pictures please?

I could see that happening actually.

Lagoona: Gil! Gigi turned me into a river monster like you! Now your parents will finally accept me! Isn't this great?!

Gil: What? no! You were fine the way you were! You shouldn't have to change your species just to please my parents...

(Lagoona is on the floor, gasping for breath)

Gil: your lungs don't work properly now. Er, let me get my spare helmet.

I wonder if the new Howleen also reflects her getting a wish in the movie. The dress she's wearing looks a lot different from the punk/mix-up stuff she says she prefers, a lot more chic in fact. Maybe Howleen wishes for a huge amount of cash and goes on a shopping spree for some fancy clothes. (Then she runs out of cash and is chased by angry creditors. I have a feeling a lot of wishes are going to backfire in this movie.)

It'll be interesting to see if these theories pan out, since that means Mattel would be making dolls that directly depict moments from the movie, rather than just the new characters.

Triumvirate said:

Nobody seems to know yet why that Lagoona looks so different, but it's presumably because of something that will happen to her in the 13 Wishes CGI special. My personal theory is that she wishes to turn into a river monster so Gil's parents will accept her, but that may be way off, since with those bright vivid kind of coral/octopus/anemone/nudibranch colors they changed her too she looks more like an ocean monster than ever.

Yeah that would be awesome!!!;}

Okay, let me break this down.

13 Wishes Frankie, Laura and Clawdeen: Don't like them. Too much glitter, not enough Arabian elements. They look like Disney Princesses, like another member said.

13 Wishes Howleen, Lagoona, Spectra, Rochelle: HATE Howleen's outfit, and what's with the pink hair for her again? Is she going to get pink hair all the time now, like Clawdeen gets purple? Lagoona is pretty, though, I'm just not feeling her boots yet. And I LOVE that Spectra has finally gotten the treatment she deserves. She looks AWESOME, but she has... painted on gloves like Sweet 1600 Clawdeen? Ooookaaaay.... I don't like Rochelle at all.

Yellow haired Lagoona: She's ugly, and I couldn't care less. Moving on.

Twyla: I pretty much hate her. She looks like a badly made OC.

Gigi: Bad name, girl, and weird faceup, but I like her more than Twyla. 

Cleo's playset: AWESOME

Laura's workplace: I too find it weird that Draculaura gets a job (someone already said that she and Cleo are the ones that really don't need to work), but it's pretty cool. Her outfit is much better than her Coffin Bean, too, I hope they don't change it.

Spectra's DJ Booth or whatever it is: I don't like it or the Spectra, the pink clashes with the yellow, and Spectra really doesn't work yellow. 

Overall, I am very excited to see all this new stuff :D Too bad I dislike most of it.

Whoops! I actually meant to write gold there D: "Spectra really doesn't work gold" The horrible-ness of the booth must have gotten to my head.

Spectra Chantilly said:

It's not yellow (for Spectra), it's gold. And since it's arabian, gold is the color has silver is not traditional for arabian colors.

I saw the pics on this website, on the photos tab, but I guess about an hour later they got deleted. There was a comment saying that the user should delete the photos, or they'd get in trouble.
I know right!!!;}


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