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I think they look amazing in person! They had some at target today. I already had a few, so heres some out of box pics of their faces up close if that helps.

Found Sunny at target today! They had some of the other girls too! I'm not a fan of dolls with bangs. I redid her hair and I really like it! Shes in pjs in these pics lol

I saw two of them at Walmart, the yellow hair and purple hair girl. I think they are cute, but I want to see all of them in person before I decide which one I'll get, I can only really afford and have space for one.

They are not available here yet. I also want to see them all before I choose. I like the yellow haired one. I can only afford one too and I have real space issues as well. I just can't afford all these dolls. I need to choose one only and same for the Fail Fix.


Bella is so cute!

Bella's outfit is cute but she's not my taste. too pink, too preppy.

I also don't like the cheerleaders. As someone on instagram pointed out cheerleaders are VERY uscentric but also sports themes don't do it for me and the stuff on their cheeks means you can't easily redress them into something more casual which annoys me.

I'm keen to see the other girls though. We have a pastel rainbow girl, fushia and indigo which should be interesting.


Thank you for the new pics, C. I am in a "Toy Story 4" mood right now, so Jade is reminding me of Gabby Gabby! LOL! Poppy actually looks more like her, though!

Fifty bucks says that MGA creates a doll that's LEGIT named "HARMONY" now! ;)

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

lol!  I dont think they look like her though.

finally got Poppy though she's staying in the box for now. Might pic up green hair girl down the line, and I think that will do for me for this line. The new pink hair girl is cute though.

I got Skyker. I don't know how it happened, she was not even on my wish list! I wanted Sunny originally. I might adopt another one but I am not sure which one. They are beautiful but there is something about them that bugs me. I am not sure what it is. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it is the expressionless faces? Or the lack of personality? I think there is something wrong with their proportions too. Having said that, I love Skyler and even more after taking her out of the box. One more will be enough for me and I am not in a rush to get it.

yeah its the proportions that bug me. They have the big baby heads and saucer eyes mixed with the adult fashion doll body proportions(LOL OMG are like this too). Its a bit odd. Also the heads have a weird profile like its flat looking instead of round, kinda like the second version Equestria girl doll heads.


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