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They are beautiful!!!

It looks like poppy had a rough night

XD is does!

These look very interesting. I really would like to see them in real life. They remind me of PMC2 mixed with the fashion Hairdorables. Very tempting...

Soon, there will be only MGA toys on the market. Somehow, I find it a bit scary. 


This is the official result of an orgy involving a Rainbow Brite doll, a BRATZ doll, a LIV doll, a PMC2 doll, a Hairdorables doll, a WHC doll, and a 1970s "Willy Wonka" character.

Poppy is copying Ember Evergreen's overall hairstyle. Ruby stole Charlie Lake's baseball cap. The blue gal seems to have been influenced by that BMR guy with the oversized sweatshirt. Sunny's idol is Princess Leia (Look at that hair!). Jade stole that one BRATZ girl's name. Violet's hairstyle actually makes her look like Violet from the old "Wonka" movie.

That's not to say that there's not a lot to love about the overall look of these dolls! I love the colorful, lollipop-shiny stands, and the inset eyes, and the eyelashes, and the articulation, and....even those wild hair colors.  I also like the elegant look of Ruby's feet, because, let's face it; doll feet can look hella awkward! LOL!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie  

lol I can imagine the "Willy Wonka" reference... a "Willy Wonka" character on Acid... but I am struggling to see anything Liv dolls in them (?).

They are bonkers enough to make me want one badly. I think I will put the LOL OMG  I wanted on hold... ;-)

whats with this giant vacant saucer eyes trend in these newer dolls? I cant get into these or LOLs b/c of the eyes. :/ Sucks b/c I really like the clothes, the clothing is great! I love the mod look on the next wave of LOL's.

I know what you mean about the LOL OMG eyes. I am not keen on their faces because of their eyes and also their lack of... cheek bones! I should never compare anything with a fabulous MH face mold or this will happen! The eyes work well on the LOLs surprise but not so well on the bigger versions. I like their clothes as well so I decided to buy one but just one... and then I saw these. I like these because they have inset eyes and they are definitely bonkers. I will see. I really like one of the new LOL OMG so I might buy her anyway despite the high price. And see what will happen when the crazy squad will invade Europe!

oh I couldn't tell these were inset eyes. Thats different then, b/c inset eyes will have more depth then just flat  painted on. Id have to see one in person and see if I like how they look. Also will depend on the size and price.

The thing with the larger fashion LOls is I want the clothes to put on another doll but their dimensions are kinda weird. Theyre curvy but smaller than the regular Barbie, I have no idea what other dolls are like that!

I need to see them in person too before I decide if I like them enough. The price is a factor as well. And the size of course but I don't think they will be too big.

I have no idea what other dolls could wear LOL OMG clothes. I would not pay that price for clothes only. I find it bad enough for the doll and clothing.

I nearly bought the LOL OMG I liked today. It was in stock. In the end, I could not bring myself to spend that amount of money. I don't think they are worth that price despite their great outfits. And I don't like that I can't see the doll I am buying. I would be really disappointed with paint defects or chipped lips for that kind of money. Sigh... I wish they would stop this stupid "pseudo surprise" trend. It is boring now, even for kids!

And their eyes look really bad in photographs. It can be a disaster! lol

yeah I would only buy one of these LOL dolls if the prices went down and I know the complete fashion will fit another doll I already own.

I hate that so many lines are being sold exclusively online too, like the newer Enchantimals you can only get online on Amazon now, same with some of the Hasbro Disney princess dolls and the newer Harry Potter lines. I like to make sure Im getting a doll that isn't going to have quality control issues or come in a crushed box.

I did not even know there were new Enchantimals. I thought they had been discontinued.

I never buy dolls on line except second hand ones on Ebay. The problem with the LOL OMG is you can't see the dolls in shops because of their "pseudo surprise" packaging. sigh... At least, we know which doll is in the box.


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