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Monster High Collector Sweet 1600 Draculaura Doll

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My Favorite Photo :)

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I love the dead eyes, honestly. haha. Reminds me of Tim Burton characters. (:
I'll be getting this Draculaura. She's unique and has a very classic feel, and that's something that really appeals to me. I just hope she looks good in person.

Yes! Burtonesque is exactly how I'd describe her.

I like the eyes, as well as the more mature design. Present day Draculaura needs to take some notes.

That's it!she seems very Tim Burton,and I love that!
I cant wait for this one to be released and who will follow up after her.

I just have a feeling she is going to be pricey.  Look at the detail and precision.  If she goes on the same end as the Disney Collector dolls then I am totally passing on her.  I like her, but not enough to drop $100 or more on her.

I don't think I like her. I don't know... the eyes freak me out a bit. She's certainly very unique but i'm not convinced it's to my taste. Which is odd because I LOVE burton stuff, I can't quite pinpoint what it is that's "off" for me.

She may look better irl though, without the shine of the camera.

I like her but I'm really hoping she's not over 50 that's probable the highest i would pay.

I really really love her. Like a few others, though, I just hope that she won't be crazy expensive. I have spent $100 on dolls before (I have a little Pullip collection that was my focus before MH/EAH came into the picture), but between paying for my own classes and needing to save money for gas I don't really have the ability to do that anymore.

she didnt impress me in the first picture but wow now I love her. How tall is this doll though? I dont collect dolls larger than Barbie size. Also the price and what it actually looks like in person(promo pics are deceiving) would be a factor.

I thought I saw somewhere that she is taller than the other dolls.  Maybe 17" but I could be wrong.  

If I remember correctly, she's going to have a 'slightly longer' torso and legs. So she'll probably be a bit taller, but I don't think she'll be 17 inches.

I thought she was supposed to be as tall as the Disney Limited Edition dolls, but maybe I got that wrong.  I know she is going to be taller than Barbie though.  Still don't know how I feel about her though.  Guess I will wait to see what they are asking for her and make my decision then.  :)

She looks gorgeous, but one thing makes me curious - where's her birthmark?

I have a theory that this doll represents Draculaura before she came to America, and before she stopped drinking blood. Perhaps she was originally some mean spirited Gory-style vampire before she decided to change her ways and become the sweet kind ghoul we know today. Maybe her birthmark is the representation of her finally having a heart.


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