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Anoleanole tumblr recently posted a list of new dolls at toys r' us:

we are monster high 5 pack £64.99- 893582

fangin at the maul 5 pack £54.99- 893768

boo york bundle £39.99- 893776

zombie doll 2 pack £24.99 - 893800

scare and make up 2 pack £22.99 - 893770

Also, Finnegan wake is confirmed.

We all know about WAMH, and "Zombie doll 2 pack" will probabily the "Love's not dead" pack that we seen. Scare and makeup is trademark, but "boo york bundle" and "fangin' at the maul" are all new...

Any thoughts? bye!

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we are Monster High is Argos over here at the UK Target in the U.S so if fanging at the maul is it's replacement I hope we get it too as we are Monster High was our first 5 pack, I hope it will include at least one Manster they can go to the maul too, and one or more new characters, I like last year's had Gilda and Slo Mo why not carry on that tradition.

Boo York Bundle I am not sure could it be Deuce and Cleo? but would they call it a bundle? maybe it's a 3 pack I don't know £40 is a bit expensive for a 2 pack and if it is that much I will not be happy judging by how small the box is but if the Zombie doll 2 pack is Slo Mo and Ghoulia it is not likely that will be Deuce and Cleo now, maybe it's Astranova and her playset?

Scare and Makeup sounds fun it's £22.99 so cheaper than the zombie one that could be Slo Mo and Ghoulia lol, so I am thinking it will be the replacement for Ghoul Chat at Sainsbury's I am not sure what the U.S store is that those exclusives belong too I think it might be Justice but correct me if I'm wrong, I distinctively remember the Music Festival and Ghoul Chat were both £22.99 so that gives me that impression that it might be the replacement, I am thinking it will be 2 newer girls or one older one newer that seems to be how it works to give them so love but it would be anyone.

ah K-Mart that's it now I remember I forgot because I don't usually hear that much about it.

I don't know what it's like round your way 1D, but the Ghoul Chat set is bonfire-level shelfwarming in all my local Sainsburys. Hopefully they'll reduce them to £7.50 eventually, like they did with the Music Festival 2-pack;)

if anyone sees ghoul chat super reduced in the UK please let me know, I need a catrine body for a custom x

Cherryfox I don't know if this is of use to you but Sainsburys are having a double-up Nectar points promotion for the next two weeks. If you have at least £5 worth of Nectar points you can trade them for a voucher for double their value. So you could get the GC set for £2.95 plus £10 worth of Nectar points (doubled up). That's assuming you have a Nectar card of course.

I am so far from the nearest sainsburys with a toy section. Is is really only £13 on shelf atm?

No, £23 on shelf, but £10 of Nectar points will take £20 off the price during this double-up promotion:)

ah right, when well they reduce it to like £15 or less of real money let me know hehe

Deuce & Cleo's thing is name Comet Crossed Couple!

Just incase anyone wants to know I'm ANOLEANOLE in tumblr x come follow me lol


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