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There are new characters!

Tula Toned:

And Malie Tasker:

I ADORE both of them! They are really cute and I can't wait for them to come out :)

Sorry if this is old news but I just saw it and needed to share :D


also I find this related to MH cause I know there are a ton of Novi Fans on here :P

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Wow Malie is super cute. I hope they get to WI soon!

OMG She is sooo precious!! 

I love the Braids, if I ever get her (Im in Germany & we didnt get any Novi Stars yet) I will definitely braid her hair too! 

She will also be my first Novi Star, and most likely the only one. And you just made me want her soooo bad :)

bonbonbunnies said:

I got a Malie Tasker doll this Sunday at my local Target. She is very cute! Her four arms, sparkly eyes, and big bow on the back of her dress are just precious. She's my first and only Novi Star. I like to keep my MH doll's original hairstyles, but I somehow felt like braids really suit her! I live in a small town in Arizona, and I usually have to wait a month for the new Monster High dolls, so I was overjoyed when I found Malie the day I decided I wanted her (✿◠‿◠)

Ok so I don collect novi stars but they are cute and wene I was at my 2 target stores looking for the new MH power ghouls yesterday they had the new novi stars so I took pis of them 4 you guys ;} but sadly did not have my power ghouls ;{ hope you enjoy pics sorry about the glare on the boxs ;}
P.S. tula toned's wing's don't flap or move ;}

it wouldve been cool if she had a button and if you press it the wings flapped like when you press an action figures back and when you do that their arm goes up and when you let go it goes down making it look as if it did karate or something.

it wouldve been cool if her wings were like that :(

i wouldve SOOOOO prefered that over goo filled legs since it feels repeated since unas are already like that

oh well :(

monster Girl ;} said:

P.S. tula toned's wing's don't flap or move ;}

I cannot find Tula anywhere!  We are flooded with Malie's which is awesome cause I love her, but I would really like to get Tula too.  If anyone finds an extra they'd be willing to sell, please let me know.

I found Tula at my local target but I couldn't get her because I didn't bring my money. :(

I had found Malie at Walmart in Mt Pleasant, Michigan along with the Orbit Beach line. Orbit Beach was $14.99. Today I was at Meijers in town and they just got in Orbit Beach, but the wanted $19.99!!!! I thought they may have been placed in the wrong spot, as they had the original Una underneath for $19.99, but I scanned them and they were all $19.99. Ummmm Meijers this is supposed to be the BUDGET line, NOT the same price as the "gimmick" releases. =( I was going to get Una, but not for $20!


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