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Note: Apologies for deleting and restarting this. Wrong Section....

Also, many thanks to Tanz_Fanatika from Livejournal for giving the link.

Just go to the last pages.

Eee! Ee! Ee!

So let's get a list....

- Dead Tired contains Frankie, Draculaura, Cleo and Ghoulia

- Shool's out, already confirmed
- Dawn of the Dance, already confirmed
- Looks like class-specific outfits. Mad Scientist Lagoona! Home Ick Frankie! Physical Education Ghoulia!

- Both the two packs of Clawd/Draculaura and Cleo/Deuce. Also, Cheerleading three-pack! (And take a good look at Ghoulia's outfit: the mystery of the red shoe seems to be solved.)

- Gloom Beach Ghoulia!

- Lagoona's and Clawdeens bed! And Clawdeen's is a double one. Yay for continuity nods!



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are these the dolls wave 4? will they be released in the winter?

I want Ghoulia's PJ's for myself...


Grrrr.... I need a job so I can pay for all this.

Don't know. All I know that this is a 2011 Mattel cataloque. So at least they're coming out this year.

not a cat said:
are these the dolls wave 4? will they be released in the winter?
Omg these dolls are awsome I can't wait o buy them.
in clawdeens little coffin thingy it looks like theres beer in it.......Im just saying.......
yes!!!!!!!!!! new dolls finally! (hey they might soak up money but these dolls are so worth the money paid! :-) )
I wouldn't be too sure. Only time will tell, I guess.

Zoe Blood n' Gore said:
Also, won't this mean that they will make Ghoulia's and Cleo's Beds?

Frankie's the main character. I taught the 'New Ghoul in School' special should've tipped people off.


In any case, the girls seem to be quite equally distributed, with enough choice for all of them.


Boys, on the other hand.....

Please don't refer to the dolls with such words just because she has BANGS. Take your negativity and silly reasons for complaining elsewhere (Bangs? Really?), thank you very much.

Also, Draculaura and girly? Kinda goes hand in hand. I mean, she has PINK everywhere.
I dunno, going by new and old lines, Clawdeen is pretty well represented. She's got her DotD, her Gloom Beach, her basic. her dead tired PLUS Bed, School's out, her Soccer uniform....the only set she's missing in is in the class assortment. It's Ghoulia and Lagoona that were underrepresented. (SO glad I can use WERE instead of ARE here)
I'm confused when r these dolls comin out!!! R they comin out with spectra and Abby bominable


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