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New Monster High Nick Special Adventures Of The Ghoul Squad Howliday Edition with new unkown monster
probably just the US nick and not the UK and anywhere else as that usually happens.
it appears there's a new unknown character and I want to know who she is, she has bolts in her head she must be some new robot could it be elle?

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I wish it was a cool new robot character! However, I fear it is not. Spoiler Alert: Have you seen the stupid new Frankie and her younger sibling pack? Her little sister (? Cousin?) has two big bolts sticking straight out of her head. You can Google search it, Frankie Stein's new sibling/little sister pack.

oh yeah of course her, I forgot about her, Alivia? or something like that, that's a shame and where is Robecca Steam?

There's no link to watch this. I'm from Europe... Been waiting weeks and nothing, anyone help?


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