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I have the fear...

Ok so..

YET ANOTHER bloody cafe playset with Draculaura. We've already had two! Coffin Bean and Die-ner, BOTH with Ula. FFS Mattel, give us a different character doing the cafeness please!

though if it comes with larger tables i'll be pleased. The two previous ones just aren't a practical size for a group of dolls to have a meal.

We've seen that boo-tique thing, it's the tapfiti style Frankie doll with zero articulation.

Interesting to see MORE dead tired, I wonder if we'll get yet another Ula in that set too *sigh*

Looks like Peri/Pearl may be an exclusive or special release? They aren't included with the other three new characters. Ooo I do hope that doesn't mean they'll be exclusive to somewhere really awkward.

I wonder what Big Wow is, sounds... gimmicky. Like a giant light up Frankie or something.

Monster Minis I assume is some blind bag thing.

more vinuls, more frightmares... lame.

oh look, jumping on the "selfies" bandwagon there with their OWN photo booth. MGA will be laughing their arses off. Seriously Mattel? Photo Booths are like.. that much of a thing now?

another formal line by the look. I do hope we get some formal boys, the boys are sorely lacking in formal wear.

Monsterous rivals.. hmmm... toralei/cleo? I'd like it to be new characters but I bet it isn't.

Moanica... isn't that Ghoulia's book-verse sister? Mmmm... if that is the case, nice to get another big sis but at the same time, bringing stuff from the first book series into canon strikes me as a super bad idea. It opens up that huge kettle of fish which really doesn't need to be opened. I'm assuming that's who Moanica is anyway, I have vague memories of this name.

ET Feature Ari? I can't even begin to figure out what that is. I mean i'd assume astranova but it's next year release and I can't see us getting another doll of her like.. ever. mmm dunno. Also claims it's a case of 4 suggesting an assortment. 

Even MORE dead tired, wowza. I hope we get no repeat characters this time around and they just fill in the gaps of those ghouls missing PJs.

Yet another rerelease of the ghouls, presumably the original lot AGAIN but one can hope it's ghoulia etc instead.

more fearleaders, boring.

ok.. this is where I get nervous. Ghoul to Bat transforming doll sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever. I mean, wth? 

Hair play frankie, wowza... clutching at straws for ideas here aren't they?

New News? god knows. Presumably budget line, hopefully related to gory gazette, that'd be nice.

Highly detailed, collector dolls? like the collector Ula? I hope so, because it'd be nice to see Mattel finally tapping that adult market.

themed doll, could be anything.

rad science lab, because science is currently the buzz word for girl media. It was only a matter of time. At least they used the sciency character for this and not Ula or something. Could be cute, could be really lame and gimmicky. I hope for a playset, i'd love more classroom playsets.

coffin bean kiosk? random. More playsets, bleh.

scooter/locker? I... cannot even begin to think what the heck that means.

ghouls pet pal sounds awful. it sounds like the sort of line Barbie would have. Pet sitting, cutsie animals, pooper scoopers. I.. can't help but think of the time we in chat joked about poopsy pets MH style, with Watzit pooping nuts and bolts. If... if that's what we get, i'm gonna cry.

ANOTHER school playset!?? Are you freaking serious? why?

drac/ accy... uh... dunno, special ula because goodness knows we hadn't already had enough of her?

and more dead tired. Woah there's a lot of pj lines coming up.

I dunno, it's like.. 2016 is turning into the "super gimmick" year for MH. Which worries me because when lines turn SUPER gimmicky it's usually the end of the franchise, a last ditch effort to milk thoselast few ideas from the drying up well of creativity. It's the point where the most insane and sometimes hilariously awful or brilliant stuff appears, but it's also the point where distribution gets spotty and things start to decline. Maybe i'm just pessamistic but when a franchise starts doing super gimmick stuff I get nervous, because most lines don't have a long life span and MH is coming to the end of the typical "shelf life" of a toy franchise. Are we gonna see a Liv situation where they limp on with ridiculous stuff for a year or so, or will they surge back into full force? I dunno, but 2016 is looking to be the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" year.

Is it just me or does it seem like they're desperate? This is a lot of stuff that happens when toy lines start to fail and they try to keep them afloat. I thought Monster High was still doing well.

Maybe the designers are looking at failing lines and mistaking it for trends? Some of these could kill a toy line.

Could it be possible that the multiple Dead Tired ones are new beds? I think thats more plausible than a ton of dolls in sleepwear for next year

I'm actually really excited about these.  I know some people hate the PJ and beachwear lines, but I've been missing them myself.  Also really hoping a boy is included in at least one.  We've seen Jackson's PJs, along with Heath and Deuce in swimsuits.  But they rarely do what I'd like to see.  

I'm kind of interested in the minis.  And I'm always excited for vinyls.  Dance Fright Away sounds like it could be cool.  I'm really interested in Monsterous Rivals 2 pack.  There's so many characters it could be.  Moanica has my interest, just hope she's not another pop star!  Excited for more fearleading, hopefully Scarah and Iris will be included.  New News has me very curious.  As are the vague ones that I'm guessing are supposed to be surprises like New Char and Themed Doll.  

The Draculaura Ghoul to Bat might be one of those plush dolls that you turn inside out and i's a bat one way, Draculaura another.  

Looks to be the Year of the Drac, but that's OK.  Her dolls can be adorable.  I hope we're getting back into the original feel of the dolls, with sleep lines and swim lines and formal lines.  I also hope some of the original looks are going to be at least one of the harder to get like Holt, Nefera, Toralei, Lagoona, or Ghoulia.  Also looks like Ghouls Getaway is getting two waves if I'm reading it right, so maybe Purrsephone will come in the second wave.

seems like they are trying to compete with bratz but i think they don't relize bratz are not doing as well so it really doesn't make much sense this year looks to be scary in a bad way.

We might be the only ones, Konzern, but I'm also excited about the Dead Tired and Beach Beasties waves -  they seem to be a staple of fashion doll lines.  I mean, how many damn times has Mattel sent Barbie to the beach?

I love the high school play sets and I wish I didn't.  I haven't gotten the Deadluxe play set yet, but I probably will and I'm going to have to find some place to put this Monster High campus I'm acquiring.

There seems to be a lot of Frankie and Draculaura coming … which is disappointing when Wydowna and Skelita and others are in dire need of new dolls.  I won't really mind unless Frankie and Draculaura also dominate the other lines.  You know Clawdeen will be all up in there as well.

I'm excited to see what each of these lines hold … although I probably will only be interested in a 1/5 of it all.

Barbie had a Photo Booth playset before the new line of Bratz dolls were released. It would make sense for Mattel to borrow from their own lines. I'm not at all thrilled about Great Scarrier Reef at all but the other stuff looks promising. I'll wait until I see photos of this stuff before I make purchasing decisions.

- Ashley                                 

I hope to see more Rochelles

I'll be excited once we are confirmed which ghouls are part of which lines.

Yes and yes!

Glad the Dead Tired line is back! I cannot wait to see them. I'm sooooo out of room...

Oo this all sounds interesting. Really looking forward to seeing all of this. I hope that the new students will include the cyclops girl we saw some time ago.


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