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Hello & Happy Holidays,

We stopped by a Marshall's and my Guy found these 3 dolls and if you notice the Box on the the Catrine de Mew box is the Ari Hauntington doll. The Box had not been tampered with and the backround inside the box is the correct one for Ari. They are $ 5.99 each. Only had these 3 dolls on the shelf. I had not seen these dolls anywhere else..other then Amazon which is selling them for $12.99



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I found them at Big Lots back at Easter, but never saw them again after that.

Hello Dawn,

Happy Wed :) Thank you for letting Us know you've seen these dolls. I never saw them at Big Lots..Very interesting look to them.

Have a Great day,


Yes, very interesting. Not the MH look I came to love. I really miss the old MH.


Hello and I agree..I miss the old style of MH but at this point with Mattel giving up on them and their discontinuing EAH dolls I am just grateful for what I can find at this point .

Happy Holiday Hugs,


much more reasonable price too

Hello Purple,

You are very right...that $5.99 is a great price..did not expect to see Ross/Marshalls/thrift stores so packed with MH/EAH/Descendants dolls this yr. 

Happy Holiday Hugs,



Had to share some thrift store Goodwill I found an Apple White..$5.99 from 2013..Then we went to another Goodwill and found MH vinyl figures of Spectra & Lagoona for $2.69 each. 

Happy Holiday Hugs,


Hi Maureen,


Winter is not a good season for car boot sales here so I have to wait for the Spring to find dolls and toys. The charity shops near where I live have hardly anything either.

I love Spectra vinyl figure, luckily I have her (I can't resist Spectra! lol).

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your lovely thrift stores finds!

Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend :)  Thank you for your lovely message. I was happily surprised to find these items. I thought the dolls would be sold out in the thrift stores. I hope when your sales start you find some amazing deals.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year #2018..



I've seen these at the Dollarama for $4 ... may buy a couple to do repaints, just started doing them on my channel :) 

Dear Ginger,

Happy Weekend :) Thank you for your comment . I need to look for your YT channel. Love to see what you'd make out of these dolls.

Happy Shopping Hugs,



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