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So restock is upon us... almost... which means a lot of new stuff should be hitting.

Comic con is also coming up which means MORE reveals.

So far we have confirmed release for LOL OMG (which have sort of hit the US already)

the Mattel BTS dolls have been given a release date

Capsule Chix are starting to hit and so is new LOL.

Hairdorables series 3 is supposed to be hitting but the boys have mystereously vanished from amazon and smyths which is concerning. Do you think they've been cancelled?

I hope not, I was looking forward to them.

Meanwhile we also have sneak peaks of a new doll line from the Poopsie unicorns

She's ENORMOUS and beautiful and you put slime in her clothes, she doesn't poop it thank goodness.

They're gonna be EXPENSIVE though.

Amazon have revived TRU's Journey Girl line too which is cool.

What else? And what are you planning to pick up?

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Just found this looks like a make your own goo goo Galaxy doll. Not sure on the realse dare but it looks interesting. Spotted these on Amazon. Price is a bit "ouch" but interesting.

Translating - "My spell drives away evil" (I think?)

What's especially wierd is the culture smooshing that is a few of themI.. I mean.. what?

This one is inexplicably a viking.

i'm very confused.


They are quite cool but I don't want to buy anything with an "ouch" price!

I think they're ugly but I love the clothes!


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