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I saw them on Facebook monster high site. I totally have to get Spectra for sure

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Jin is a must for me.  I'll probably get Meowlody as well, I've always wanted the twins solo, and I love that they've done something new to her hair.  But the orange is an awful eyesore.

That line is actually called "Ghouls Getaway".

I'll get Spectra and Jinafire for sure as they are 2 of my favorite MH ghouls.

Ha! Jem much? These dolls are eye sores but whatever. These are part of the Great Scarier Reef line right?

......they did not just take the flame out of her mouth and reuse Freak Du Chic Jinafire. Come on.

"These dolls are eye sores but whatever. These are part of the Great Scarier Reef line right?"

They're not "eye sores" and they're not part of the "Great Scarrier Reef" line. Ghouls Getaway is a different new line.

"......they did not just take the flame out of her mouth and reuse Freak Du Chic Jinafire"

No, they didn't.

Um look at the hole in her mouth.

It looks more like a shadow to me. It's not round. The hair is a little....different.

There's no hole in her mouth.

I admit, I dig Spectra's hair colour and style. Not convinced she looks so great in yellow and the tiki theme is a bit tacky but I do like her hair. I also kinda dig the pouty mouth she has going on, something about the way those lips are painted makes her look quite different to usual. I hope her actual doll has that same look.

Meowlody.. or is that purrsephony? whichever.. always looks the same no matter what release. Like, there's no real variety in her hair or makeup (unles it's awful yellow lipstick ew). I find that really boring. Her dress pattern is fabulously kitch but the doll itself is frightfully bland in my eyes.

Jinn... I dunno, I can't love Jinn. I think it's her angry eyebrows, she just looks MAD all the time to me. She looks great in red but i'm not convinced about the cut of the dress (it's very um.. panty flashing isn't it? sticking out as it does) and I don't really like this hair style on her, even if it does hide her eyebrows.

I wonder how this line ties in, whether it is related to scarrier reef or just a random budget line like freaky field trip and geek chic etc. The holiday theme seems a bit coincidental though you know? Why are they on an island retreat? did they go to skull island again? lol.

This line doesn't do much for me but I may have to get Jinafire for that Tiki-man dress, too cute!

I think the accessories are a tad over the top and bulky. They kinda don't flow with what they doll is wearing. They just stick out. I mean they have done big accessories before. On the gloom and bloom they hit the mark.

I think they're really cute with the over the top accessories, they have an exotic and vibrant look to them which is very appealing to me! Spectra is looking so pretty and colourful, now this is a Spectra I look forward too. I feel that I'll be getting all 3~ :)


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