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source: monster high livejournal

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You beat me to it lol

And Howleen is a Target exclusive.

Lillian Gracey said:

The Werecat Twins are a TRU exclusive.

Spectra Fan said:

I think Robecca will be a robot, also I pray they will not have a toys r us exlusive doll because they are always out of dolls.

Hey I'm in the age range for monster high dolls, and I would love them to make more backround charecters into dolls. I can't wait for Robecca and Venus. My friend will pop when I tell her Mattel is making a bassic Jackson. She's the biggest Jackson/Holt fan ever! At a sleepover we watched a new MH epesiod, and they showed Holt (and Nefra) for the first the first time, she would not stop saying, "oh my gosh it's Holt!!!"  Oh, and dang there goes my hopes for the werecat twins.   

You know this now because it was just announced yesterday. Two days after this discussion took place.

PRD said:

Actually, there has been an announcement of a new webisode: Feb 12th Draculaura chooses between two guys for Valentines.

I'm saying that the dolls are fake because they don't look like that really! Anyway thanks for saying!
Witchy-brat said:

That flyer is not fake.  It was on the website, and I picked one up in store in British Columbia, Canada. 
Basically what happened is that TRU used a stock photo of the new "assortment" of dolls.  They put "We've Got It" and "New" next to the dolls because, well, Toralei was new and they did have it.
You should also know that store flyers are printed several weeks (like 8+) in advance, not the day before the sale, so they may have been expecting to have that particular line up but then it wasn't released in time.  They were not required to issue a correction because A) the description states "selection varies" and B) they did, in fact, have Toralei and she was, in fact, New.

Abbey Bominable said:

The flyer is a fake because I have Toralei and she does not look like that.


She is now in stores. (Toralei)

I wonder if we will get any images this week with the UK Toy Fair?

They have Robecca, Rochelle, Venus & Jackson listed on the TRU website now!! -Jackson

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

I just did a search and it didn't show up for me.

Shelly Medina said:

They have Robecca, Rochelle, Venus & Jackson listed on the TRU website now!!

How exciting!! I've been checking everyday for any news on Howleen. Can't wait till she posts on Target too.

the anticipation is killing me. i really want to see pictures of these ghouls! wish they wouldn't tease us like this. well, i just hope howleen will be out soon to satiate my need for new dolls.


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