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I am still only interested in Nefera for the most part and maybe Operetta (I need to see better pics of her), but I wouldn't mind seeing what Rochelle, Venus and Roebecca look like. It looks like Roebecca won't be the SDCC exclusive since she will eventually be in stores so we can rule her out. lol I'm just focusing on getting doubles of all the Lagoonas, as well as Cleo's Vanity and all the fashion packs, so I can take them out of their boxes while I wait for these dolls to be released.

You do know that my reply with all the LOLs was sarcastic, right? :P

SpectraRox39 said:

LOL its cuz he/she said howleen was a target exclusive.

Victoria Niccals said:

LOL she/he probably just wanted everyone that might not have seen this flyer to know LOL

...Who cares if it's old news? We all share everything new we find. 

(P.S.: I really hate the "LOL" acronym...)

clawdeena9Official said:

boy u alrdy knew this was old news -_- LOL
SpectraRox39 said:

Howleen showed up in my Toys R Us flyer

CyrusDrysdale said:

They found a page for Operetta, but she was the only one found for wave 3 that hasn't been released yet.  No news on Scarah but I expect to see Howleen on Target since she's supposed to be exclusive for there.

Monster Brat said:

I don't think these will be out before Nefera, Operetta, and Howleen... we haven't seen any pictures of them - prototype or otherwise... also, if you go to bookmark the pages the page title shows "ARCHIVE-SHELF" so it's something that they are expecting, but not right away, or it would have already been posted on the main sales site and have a picture with it.  I wonder if the person who found these also found Operetta, Nefera, Howleen, and Scarah Screams - since we've already seen a prototype picture for her.

missgrim said:

I'm glad they have new dolls coming out but I think it's just a little too soon after the holidays most family's will be recovering from all the spending they just did. I was expecting Nefera and Howleen to be soon but not these new ones.

When I saw them... first, my face was like this:

^ ME: Hey, those can't be real.

And after everything loaded, my face was like:

^ ME: HOLY.... those ARE real!!!!!!!!!!!

:D Can't wait for those...


♫★N-o-B-o-D-y★♫ said:

When I saw them... first, my face was like this:

^ ME: Hey, those can't be real.

And after everything loaded, my face was like:

^ ME: HOLY.... those ARE real!!!!!!!!!!!

:D Can't wait for those...

Oh my gosh! I hate Skull Shoress Jackson, and i was hoping he'd end up as a normal doll soon, I am sooo happy now :D he along with Nefera and howleen, are the ones on my wishlist at the moment.

Wow okay well I know a little and have some heads up but cannot say too much.

Jackson is a basic

Robecca is the first SteamPunk Ghoul at Monster High

Rochelle is in black/silver with wings ala Gargoyle

Venus has been in a few webisodes and resembles the little shop of horror flytrap.


I will blog more as soon as I am allowed ghouls (hopefully ater my trip next month) but please know these will NOT be out soon and be patient while we wait for the suprises!

Wow, that lady is DEDICATED to go page after page looking for unavail dolls.  I am super excited, though, and can't wait to see them.


I wonder what color this new starter set torso will be.

Shannanigan O'Crabby said:

Oh... looks like the "Witch / Cat Girl" will be a Starter Set. Its $19... the add-ons are only $9.99.

Melora Vern said:

Excellent find! I can't wait to see Robecca. And finally a basic Jackson!

OMG!!!! Steampunk and a Gargoyle?!?!?!? YES PLEASE!!!!! 


I sincerely hope Venus McFlytrap isnt the bathroom monster from the show. I have no interest in buying a doll with an ugly plant head.

Her appearance on the show was funny, but I'd prefer they make a never before seen character with a humanoid face.

I can't wait for these! Finally a basic Jackson! Venus, Rochelle and Robecca sound REALLY cool as well! Did you see the witch/cat girl cam set, gargoyle/vampire boy cam set, the puma boy cam set, and the ghost girl cam set??? x


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