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"Frightmares are literal trash. Nobody likes them or buys them"

Completely false. Lots of people like them and buy them. Some of the FrightMares are actually quite pretty. In my area, they're all sold out in every stores we have.

This member thinks their opinion = everyone's opinion.

Olympia reminds me of Raven if she turned into a centaur. d:
Caprice is cute. I like the green colour of her horse body.

I haven't bought any Frightmares yet.
I like Fawtine, Penepole, and Flara, but I won't buy them unless they go on sale.

Pyxis went on sale for $4 once on Amazon. I was soooo close to getting her too.
But she's not the one I want so I figured I'd save even more money by not getting things I don't actually want. LOL.

I really like both of these, I still need to get wave 2, Olympia is the one I'm excited to get the most she looks great, Caprice looks like Operetta but she looks really fun.

I just found these at walmart so they seem to be hitting.


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