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Are these a yea or a neeeeeigh?

Can't these little abominations be the tot friendly Barbie contributions? Leave the real dolls alone and give these to the "target" 4 years olds.....

Olympia looks adorable! She's my favourite Frightmare so far.

Same! Love her face and hair

Frightmares are literal trash. Nobody likes them or buys them! But Mattel seems to think they've really struck gold with these pointless shelf warmers that about 6 people, at most, like. All the while they're completely changing the Monster High line into something everyone hates, thinking its a smart move. I swear they have monkeys running this company!

I actually like the frightmares, they're cute. Simple yes, overpriced definitely, but they're cute little figures that remind me of toys from the 80s and early 90s when I was growing up. They're very MLP.

They don't fit with the other MH no, they're way too small but as a seperate toy to play with? I think they are actually quite a lot of fun.

I do think they should be like half the price they are over here in the UK though. £12 is ridiculous for something this teeny, they should be at most £7, a similar price to Zelfs would be ideal (£5:99) and then I think they would actually sell.

These two, I like Caprice, she's a bit crazy looking. Olympia I want her wings black. I don't think the yellow when all the rest of her is dark quite works.

I feel like the dolls COULD be better. Their bodices/moulded tops are really boring most of the time and their plastic belts never quite sit right.  I think it'd also be nice if the had rooted tails but with a little tweaking and ooaking, they can look really cool. There's a lot of moulded detail in their leg warmers for instance, which needs dry brushing to stand out.

They're a confused mess of ideas, but I think that's what appeals to me. They're bizarre and remind me very much of the madness of the late 80s where toy companies just merged multiple animals and released strange hybrid toys.

Where could we start looking for the new Frightmares......yes I do collect them.

Same here! Does anyone know where these were found?
Another person found these two at Walmart.

Nobody likes them or buys them! But Mattel seems to think they've really struck gold with these pointless shelf warmers that about 6 people, at most, like

Im one of those "6" that likes them, lol. I have them all so far. :P

These two actually look pretty good to me. I really like the hair and makeup on the Olympia one. I wasn't a fan of the Fright-Mares at first, but I thought I liked Penepole Steamtail from pictures I saw. I decided not to buy her after seeing her in person though. So I guess these really aren't for me.

I think they would have looked better if they were bigger, and I agree that they're way overpriced. The price is what ultimately makes me say no every time I get the idea in my head to buy a couple. I always think, "For just a little more I can order another doll on my Amazon list."

I am also surprised that they are continuing to make new ones because I didn't think they were selling well at all.

My daughter and her friends love them. I think the new ones are pretty cute.


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