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Thanks for sharing! I loved that last one, Sirena's a lovely character. I also enjoyed seeing those mermaid backgrounders, it felt like each of them were based on one of the already existing characters :D

I love this "Happy Howlidays" webisode. I hope it evenually becomes a doll line, like the "Merry Creepmas" line I've been fantasizing about for over 3 years, lol!
P.S. Spectra looked stunning in her howliday dress.
Lol why does frankie sound 5 years old

I can understand why Neighthan's voice sounded different; they have a different production crew for the webisodes and they modulate some of the voices differently.  It's why Draculaura's voice sounds so much higher in CGI specials, and Jackson's sounds so much more 'masculine.'  But I don't get why Frankie's voice was suddenly so grating.

i might be wrong but wasn't she the referee in the Skulltimate movie too? her doll was surely dressed as a referee with the b/w striped dress and the whistle bracelet. I know it's weird but i think she covered that role at least in another webisode or movie altough i can't recall which one...

Kinda_whatever said:

Well how do you feel about Ghoulia being forced in for a few shots as a referee? That, in my eyes, is the definition of forced. That is Frankie's character just like Venus always spewing about eco friendly things. She was designed to be the "Do gooder". Like I said though without Frankie in it the webisode wouldnt of made sense. Neigthan needed encouragement and who better to do it then a person who he crushes on.

Triumvirate said:

I found it awkward and forced, yes. This franchise finds it so important to make Frankie the voice of reason and encouragement in every difficult situation that she just pops up spewing lame one-liners like an inspirational jack-in-the-box every time someone has to make a decision. She's always the hero of every dilemma, and they always manage to find a logical reason why that would be the case. This time, conveniently, it was the fact that she is on the Fear Squad and has a crush on Neighthan. But even if that weren't true they would have still found a reason for her to be there. 

Kinda_whatever said:

I dont see what the big deal is with Frankie, how is she forced in there? That would mean that it was awkward or out of place for her to be there when it isnt. She is a fearleader so of course she would be at a game. Besides, Frankie has a crush on Neighthan and vice versa. It really isn't out of character for her to be there talking to him. 

Loved the new webisodes!


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