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Well guys, Ever After High has a website!

The site has 3 very interesting webisodes and a ton of cool characters including:
Apple White daughter of Snow White
Raven Queen daughter of the evil queen
Briar Beauty daughter of Sleeping Beauty
Madeline Hatter daughter of the Mad Hatter

And so many more!

The students of ever after high are told they have to pledge to follow in their parents footsteps. If they don't their story and they disappear.

I think we can relate that Apple and Raven are the main characters.

So...who's your favorite character?(I honestly want a doll of all of them! XD)

Enjoy! ❤

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My question,as always,DO THEY COME WITH DOLL STANDS?!?
That is all.
Also like around when will we be seeing them in stores?there's already pics of them in their boxes so maybe less than a month?in the summer?

I was hoping for different facial features for each character.

I hope they are the same size as MH, but from the pics they look like they could be a bit bigger, at least their heads and faces look that way. I was hoping that they would have a little more of a monster high look, as far as their facial features and make up. I do think their outfits are gorgeous. Seems like they can do a lot with the story line too. I can see Raven being good and Apple actually being bad, using dirty tricks on Raven to get her to be evil. Have to say I'm on the Rebel side. Did you hear the growl in Cerise's voice? Loved it!

As of right now I have some mixed feelings on all this. I do really like some of the "Rebel" characters  more then the "Royal" ones. I am not feeling on how some of the royals seem well..kinda of "stuck-up" lets say.I understand who their parents are, and that might be why they act the way they do but I am having a hard time connecting with them. I would definitely be all for some of the rebel dolls. I will slowly watch this and see how it all unfolds. 

ugh i love Monster High but feel compelled to start collecting these dolls as well!

I took me a minute to remember - I thought something looked very familiar about this new line.. Not sure if anyone remembers Mattel did two lines of dolls back when I was very young "Peppermint Rose , and Lady Lovely Locks Dolls" Ever After high is very reminiscent of both these lines with a Monster High theme "kids of ??".. They went back in their time vault of tricks and trying these over again with a different twist,,, lmbo.. Google the dolls I mentioned or see attachment..
See attachment -- photos of "Peppermint Rose, and Lady Lovely Locks.

Oh dear, those dolls are GORGEOUS. I'm doomed! :P Goodbye paychecks, haha. 

ok Ive been thru the site but I havent actually gone thru the webisodes yet, but so far Im kinda mixed. I agree its seems very soft & pretty compared to MH. I was kinda hoping for graphics that were a bit bolder & funkier. Also i cannot get Sophia the First out of my mind when i see this for some reason...

 as for the dolls, love the packaging but I need to see more. I find their faces too Moxie looking.


Did you guys know Raven is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald? Man that woman does everything.

I keep going to the webpage and rewatching the videos.  I'm starting to feel like I might be getting obsessed.  Oh dear.


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