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Found some new trademarks on the ever after high Facebook page! Looks like little Bo peeps daughter and the daughter of the white rabbit maybe. I'm really excited for Lilly Bo peep!

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I love Bo Peep's design- so yay!

What ever happened to Bunny Lapin? Did they change her name to White? That's dumb, because she's definitely not related to Apple. Then again there's both Cerise and Sparrow Hood, whom aren't related, and Briar and (upcoming) Isabella Beauty, whom I assume aren't related either. 

The EAH names are so uncreative, but Lilly is actually a cute little play on "little" although perhaps the name Minnie would've been better. Either way, excited to see what Bunny will look like!

Triumvirate said:

I've always liked the Little Bo Peep background character and wondered if at some point she may get a doll because of how detailed she is. I was just waiting for a trademark to confirm it. So, "Lilly Bo Peep" may be a doll I'd be interested in owning. 


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