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New EAH! Thronecoming, Toddler Dolls, & Back To School

I guess Ever After High isn't dead just yet!

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It pains me that they are all so naff... I guess Back to School is alright?

A lot of recolour and reuse..... Thronecoming could have been much better than half articulated budget dolls.

Half of the Back to School line (the ones with articulated knees and wrists, so Holly, Meeshell (?) and Maddie) aren't half-bad. The rest aren't that nice with basic minidresses and pretty garden variety appearances, but the three more deluxe ones are the best of a bad bunch.

"Thronecoming" is...well, ironic considering the original Thronecoming line is such an ornate and extravagant line yet these new ones are the furthest from it. And the Princess Friends are just eh. Raven should not be smiling like that though. 

The back to school line isnt awful but its not great. If they keeping making cheapy budget lines they wont last much longer

Those toddlers are terrifying.

The half print dresses are naff. The ones with the sinfully short formal dresses are naff.

the uniform ones look cheap. Printed on buttons and badges and pockets? like. WOW.. that's a level of crap that's just.. epic level lazy.

and why the hell are they wearing uniforms? Doesn't that defeat the whole point? And Mattel doesn't seem to understand school uniforms mean everyone's outfit is the SAME because they do this a lot with matchy but not identical uniforms in different colours. Hey guys, that's NOT HOW UNIFORMS WORK.

So many static legs. Sooo many. And inexplicable reused shoe moulds. Meeshells, aren't those way too wonderland maddie's or something? they look familiar.

and then someone else has her shoes...


Nooope, just nope.

They look cheap, really really cheap.

But then, we know EAH is on the way out. These are very much the dying gasps. A trickle of cheaply made dolls with no real effort put in just to chuck out and get a couple of last ditch effort sales.

Good God, stop with the toddler nightmares! Why on earth did they drag out Thronecoming again? And I guess the only way to get in to an EA school is to have glasses? Glasses make you look smert!

I can't believe it. The only word I can think of is "hideous". They freak me out. Maybe I should give up on all Mattel new products. I think I need a "doll break". A meditation retreat in the desert sounds good or maybe I could cross the ocean in a canoe! Alone in the Great Scarrier Reef and no more plastic in my life.

I really like meeshell. i will get her.

Yikes, what a mess!

Toddlers *yawns* this fad hasn't died out yet I see, they seem to be popular yet they can't even make them right they have moulded tights, Raven looks like Snow White as a toddler, Ashlynn is blah but she kind of always is, well she's my least favourite character I think she's kind of boring, I think I shall pass on these after all, Raven is my favourite character but I shall happily resist I lost the urge to get all Raven's when they started cheapening the line anyway.

Masquerade/party/ball whatever the line is, *yawns again* like we need another party themed line how may of them have EAH churned out now? and it looks very half finished, usually parties with masks are a big deal where you wear big long ball gowns but we don't need that either, the dresses are half print the legs are static and oh Ashlynn again pass.

Glasses Line? not sure what it's called might be part of the school line whatever it is it's boring, more half print dresses and static legs the MH line was a lot better and even that wasn't too great, however Blondie and Darling's dresses have a nice pattern shame it's half print, plus Darling doesn't look too bad but still pass.

Back to School, is ok not brilliant not fantastic just ok, could be a million ties better, what is up with Holly's face seriously look at it, she looks possessed, that makeup dose not go with her outfit which is also a train wreck seriously it's hideous, Gigi Grant called she wants her style back, also notice her hair is shorter oh dear daughter of Rapunzel without hair accuracy not surprised as Mattel's Rapunzel dolls were the same, Maddie is actually pretty decent, she is not the best but better than the other two, Meeshell is 50/50, the cheap outfits I can't get behind the printed on badges/ties/buttons/pockets is cheap as anything better than painted and moulded on stuff but not that better, it looks worse on Meeshell, her skirt is a nice design but the fabric would have been nicer it if were tweed or something, plus she looks similar to her first release and oh a plastic hair band *yawns again* I'm gonna fall asleep soon lol, all in all the line doesn't suck but so much room for improvement, the idea is good but they handled it all wrong and how many MH lines are they gonna copy?

I think it's safe to say I won't buy any of these but if I did it would be back to school but not Holly yikes no way!

No no just nooo! and I was so happy I heart thronecoming i was thinking wow wave 2 like  the special??   and now im watching these so my disappointment is huge and..The only i kinda find alright is Meeshell so  officially no eah or mh for me anymore just will try to buy dolls from prevous years as i can  and focuse on newer lines which I do. 

boooring! Im kinda fine with this though, Ive moved on to other dolls and really need the extra cash, lol.

Same here, I'm saving up for a Nintendo Switch so the less dolls I'm excited for, the better. 

Considering i just got my Archery Club Ashlynn in the post yesterday and the price of that + a donor body cost me £30, its safe to say i won't bother getting any of the No knees/Wrists ones.

What i CAN say about that Archery one though, is popping her head of let me find out that her head has no glue at all holding the hair in, i can't even work out how its stuck in the head because it doesn't look knotted or glued, its just... there. Better than leaky heads tho!

If anything i'll get the Back to School Maddie, because i only need Princess Club and this one to have ALL the Maddies. Which is weird because i wouldn't consider Maddie my favourite character yet shes the one i have everyone of.

And like 1Dlover said, why the hell is Holly's hair so short? her floor length hair is meant to be her thing! Shoulda made it Poppy instead.


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