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Blue Duckie and Max review the NEW EAH dolls:

They look cool to me, but what do you think?

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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Dear Wolfie,

Thank you soooooooooo Much !!! I thought Mattel had discontinued this doll line. I think they are lovely..the accessories are adorable and that Raven is a must find for Me already..LOL.

Thank you for the great thread,.

Happy Shopping Hugs,


Hello, Maureen,

Thanks for the sweet reply. 

I am more in love with the new EAH accessories than anything else, but the new dolls do look lovely.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Hello Wolfie,

Happy Mon :) Thank you for your reply. I do love all the accessories too. You just made my whole week. I do not know what stores might carry these dolls but I know I want that Raven..( I can hear my guy already..."I just bought you one..How many Ravens do you need ?" Me : "ALL of them " LOL.

Have a Great Day & Hugs,


Hello, Mauareen,

You're welcome.  :)

I'm LOL'ing about your story, because if my boyfriend saw my doll collection, it'd be the same story.  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Hi Wolfie,

LOL..I see we have the same type of men in our lives..My guy knows how many dolls there are as he bought most of them..

Happy Tues Hugs


LOL... I think I need a husband!!!!!


I think they do come in very handy...:) I am a tiny Princess so it is wonderful to have someone who loves you, spoils you, carries the heavy stuff and gets things down from high shelves...

Happy Wed Hugs,


I'm not so sure about the forced smiles. I actually saw some of these new face EAH dolls (signature rereleases) the other day and their heads are SO much smaller than the original dolls, it's kinda bizarre to me.

And their smiles honestly, to my eye, look so forced. Like someone's holding a gun to their pet kitty's head and saying "now smile! SMILE or I shoot the cat!"

I'm sad to see the loss of knee joints, dolls that can't sit down drive me INSANE. Like, come on, half of play time involves sitting the doll down doesn't it? Chairs? horses, cars, bikes.. if they can't bend their knees all they can do is stand about. I honestly think i'll take knee joints over arm joints for play. Arm joints for display. Given these are aimed at kids and for play, i'm not too sure why they decided to with the display arms rather than functional knees.

Hello, purple_monkfish,

I hate to sound like a completely deranged lunatic, but....I actually think that if somebody had held the EAH girls' pets one way or another, the series might not have failed! Muahaha!  :)

That series....and the dolls....needed something in order to really thrive! These new dolls would have a better chance at reversing the flat-lining of the entire franchise....if they had articulated wrists and knees! <Sigh>

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

sadly I think Mattel have just given up on EAH and it's a shame because they kinda screwed the line over right from the start by making them more expensive than MH. In the UK at least they were £5-6 MORE EXPENSIVE than comparable MH lines which made no sense given they opted to give them fancier outfits but all the same face. So you as the customer felt like you were getting the same sort of deal, fancier clothing with the tradeoff of same face sculpt instead of mh where every single character had a unique head mold. And even then, the clothing wasn't THAT MUCH fancier, it just had some shimmery print on it.

Sadly quite rapidly their outfits started to simplify but their price didn't go down. And I think that was why they struggled so much. Becuase alongside Disney Princesses they were way more interesting, the animation was beautiful and they had some really cool character designs. But their refusal to listen to fans and make dolls of popular characters, the simplification of the releases, that... thing they released for Daring (eugh, that figure is horrendous) and the excessive churning out of multi coloured characters who looked like off brand monster High I think was a mistake. I still remember how surprised I was when they released a couple who were blue and a few who were pink because it just felt so random and strange, all the previous dolls had been flesh toned so what the heck?

It was a nice line though, and had real potential but I don't think Mattel really gave it their all. Right from the start I just got the impression there wasn't the same will to succeed as there was with MH. And it's sad because they ARE decent little dolls. I have 5 of them on my desk right now and yes, they're beautiful and their outfits are omg gorgeous. so detailed.

I do though, prefer their more serene moon heads to the new smaller smiling sculpt. I find smiling dolls slightly creepy if i'm honest, I prefer a neutral expression.

I don't like the new Ever After High dolls smiling faces either. The new dolls are also aimed at a younger customers target. They are not half as beautiful as before and they have lost all the lovely details and the good quality clothing.

And poor Raven... What have they done to her?

It is a shame.

EAH is discontinued. These are just cheap leftovers.


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