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Some awesome news here got from our UK friends-Sooo the die-ner 2 pack is gonna be Draculaura and Operetta! And the Friday 13th doll for Tesco will be the black cat (Catty Noir)!! That is in September. Let hope this is correct! Tesco is UK's Target you should say.

This was from the Monster High Dolls page on Facebook.....not from me, but I wanted to pass it on!

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Maybe I'll take it however I want.
K then bye.

Alonzo said:

I think you took it wrong. I didnt take it that way.

I seen it as: I don't report rumors and speculation and that I am pretty sturdy with my information. 

Going to end this conversation on my end with this note: I do not think she thinks you or anyone else on this site is stupid. To assume that she thinks that or even suggest that isn't correct. I don't see her coming on here to make fun of or putting down people. I follow her on face book and she is right. She is pretty correct in all the information she post on there.

another_monster said:

"For a whatever Im pretty this and that".that's how you can insult/offend someone.
To me that was very offensive I felt as she was calling me stupid.
She didn't direct it towards me but more like to everyone on the fan site,which I AM a part of.

Alonzo said:

How was that insulting? This is what I think she was referring to: "yeah, not even the official page. That's a fan page so anything on there is liable to be rumour and speculation. Take it all with a grain of salt... or a huge sack full."

That is insulting. People get so huffy over nothing.

another_monster said:

I consider that very insulting.
I ought to report you for that.

Ayaka502 said:

For a fansite I am pretty spot on with my news. Just saying for your rumors and speculation peeps! lol


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