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Sorry, I've been absent for awhile.. The last new doll I got was Rochelle Goyle.  Are there any new dolls that have been released recently?  Thank you! :)

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Wow, all of those dolls are available now?


Coffin Bean playset with Clawdeen Wolf, Roller Maze line, and a wave 2 of Dead Tired exclusive to K-Mart. I think that's it. Oh and the SDCC doll is Scarah, and she is speculated to come with HooDude.

Jackson Jekyll was released with Rochelle... get him if you don't have him, there is already signs of him not being in future shipments (much like they did with Gil and 1600 Clawd) Venus & Robecca are coming out around August... Costco will be releasing the Coffin bean with both Clawdeen & Dracualaura. Like THATONEKID said, there are a crapload of dolls being released, Dot Dead Gorgeous, Roller Maze, Dead Tired 2, Ghouls Rule, The dollhouse, Ghoulias Scooter, Draculauras Powder Room, etc etc etc, lol. My bank account just moaned...

Some people have the dot dead gorgeous dolls but they got them from ebay. Which means that they could show up in stores anytime soon, if they haven't already.  (pic of someone's dot dead gorgeous dolls)


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