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Looking at the wholesalers site today too. Noticed Spectra is getting a bed and Lagoona a shower playset. There is also a 3rd wave of dead tired dolls coming out with Spectra, Lagoona and Robecca. No photos at the moment looking forward to seeing Spectra's bed especially.

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I've only seen the playsets. I didn't know about the dolls until this discussion. It sounds like there aren't any pictures for the dolls yet, just a listing for stores to order them?

Ugh.. a Spectra bed?? That figures... Santa went through a lot of trouble to find the perfect bed for my girls' Spectra, and even bedding to match!  (looks awesome btw but I'm sure the real deal is going to be better than ours) Oh well...  And what about Cleo's bed?  I thought for sure hers would be next. 

I'm really excited about this and all but the whole 'few people get to see the pictures now and others dont!' attitude is getting to me, I mean what makes the people that get to see them so special? No offence of course Triumvirate, but I'm sure you understand right? it's just frustrating that we get people going 'I've seen them! they look like this...' if it's ok to describe them, and to show them to other absolutely normal people (again, no offence triumvirate if you have your reasons for being able to see them that's fair enough but there are absolutely average collectors just like the rest of us who've seen them for no reason at all) then why can't they just release the bloody images? they're dolls after all....not secret service information. The only other reason I can imagine is in case another toy company released the exact same thing before mattel got to trademark it or something. Ah well, they shouldn't be showing pictures if that's the reason anyway.


Yeeah again no offence just a little rant. Carry on discussing the new dolls.

I'm not offended. I understand your frustration. I was only able to see the pictures on the condition that I not share them with anyone publicly and I'm going to honor my word in that. I should have just not said anything at all because I guess I'm just adding to people's frustration. Sorry about that.
If it makes you feel any better I feel the same frustration about some people having access to the Mattel site where some of this new information (about the new Dead Tired, Music Festival line, and shoe line - for example) is being presented while most of us don't have that access.

I'm happy about seeing the Dead Tired line continued. I'm still hoping for a sarcophagus for Cleo to sleep in, I'm hoping Mattel will do that next (please, Mattel, Please! It would look so cool next to Draculaura's coffin bed)

On the pictures and info leaking / not leaking, I work in a specialty store that sells collectibles from movies, comics etc. and it's just how it works. Some can see it early and some don't. Unfortunetely, we don't sell MH so I'm just as much in the dark as most other collectors with this.

I'm happy with whatever info I can get, even if it does not come with pictures yet. It gives a reliable insight on what's coming up, so that I know in advance what I will probably be interested in and can start saving up money for. Thank you Triumvirate and all others willing to share whatever you can, when you can! I understand why some are able to see products in advance, and I do understand why it is frustrating for others. But let's indeed remember, they are just dolls and toys, no lifechanging secrets are hidden :) Having to wait for something can also be fun, right? Let's say we would get a list with clear pictures on every MH product that's gonna get released from now untill the end of 2014, and along the way nothing else will be revealed. Seems pretty boring to me, because a big part of the excitement is in the reveal. Keeping things hidden so the fans can have something to get excited about is a big part in good marketing, it's how you keep your fans intrigued :D

Just my two cents, hope this helps :)

I swear, if this wave comes with another Ula I'll... be disgruntled and complain a lot. x)

I'm glad someone has seen the new things to come. Bummed I can't see right away but we'll get pics when we get them. Thanks for sharing the info that you can share. :)

I'm glad to be able to share what I know and I'm also appreciative for any new info I receive about upcoming dolls from others even if I can't see the pictures yet. I also like to be able to plan ahead.

Personally I am not frustrated at all and am thankful to people like you who share their info.  If anything, I'm frustrated for not having known about Spectra's bed ealier! (cuz of the trouble and $ I went through finding the perfect Spectra bedding stuff for my girls, only to now find out we'll probably replace it!)  Anyway, I think it's great some people are able to find out or see things early, and I am happy for them, and happy to get any info so we can make plans for our collection and dollhouse.  I'm even more happy when it's the nice, humble, respectful, and considerate people on here (i.e. triumvirate) who get the early news.

Triumvirate said:

I'm not offended. I understand your frustration. I was only able to see the pictures on the condition that I not share them with anyone publicly and I'm going to honor my word in that. I should have just not said anything at all because I guess I'm just adding to people's frustration. Sorry about that.

I really appreciate the positive comments some of you are making. I feel better about sharing what I shared then because I really don't want to add to the confusion or the frustration over these recent leaks.

I haven't seen the pics but I have seen the descriptions if that helps anyone:

Spectra has a  "floating" bed that features wrought iron and chain details, an overhead canopy and a swivel television attached to the front. Side candles, a side table, a striped pillow and chain link-print blanket plus diary, iTomb, drink and bed for Ruen.

Lagoona gets a shower with a seashell base, jellyfish showerhead, tentacle piping and shower curtain printed with a haunted sea. Plus small tub for Neptuna.

They are listed for "Fall" but of course that probably means May, lol!


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