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Very dissaptioned with these dolls, I dont like them so much...

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Justice in southwest Louisiana had them all but at $24 I'm waiting till they show up at target or walmart.  That is too much.  When they got SRM it was a few weeks before everyone else got them here.

I like the Howleen. The others are cute but I probably won't get them. 

I just got Howleen and Lagoona from Justice here in Augusta Ga.  They were $24 with 40% off.  Got both for $30 bucks, not bad XD. I didn't care for Robecca or Operetta, though they were there too.

Actually, I was soooo dissapointed with Robecca. I felt they could have done so much better with a Steam Punk doll :(
Howleen now, I will the cutest I think.

I totally agree with you MistressHatter. While I always had Howleen as my favorite (shes just too cute) Robecca really does NOTHING for me. A few people who seen my photos, actually thought it was a new character as they thought she looked nothing like Robecca.  She just looks "off" in this line.  Her hair doesn't have as much of the blue, that I loved, from the basic doll.  Also her "bronze" color seems darker in this version and the purple lipstick doesn't go with her.


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