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So cute!!!!! Those create a monster are so colorfull !!!

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Wow, these are beautiful.

I was wondering how long it'd take before we saw some sort of mermaid thing. I'm glad they went the cam route though, making her an actual character would have felt far too "girly" for me. Mermaids, like Ballerinas, fairies, princesses etc are featured in just about EVERY girly doll line.

But i'm glad to see a tail like this. With some alteration, you should be able to make a naga tail with it as well bwhahaha.

What are the blue and pink things near her hands though?

The harpy looks to have... two sets of hands? What's that about? But I am SO HAPPY to see what looks like wing arms instead of just wings tacked on the back. And birdy feets??? Her shoes look fabulous, I really hope they've embraced the bird monster theme totally here. If she has proper wing arms I will be over the moon, seriously.

Very exciting. Certainly more exciting than the core cam sets for me. I mean come on, Mummy and Gorgon? Again??? But we seem to have a nice "greek myth" theme going on here hahaha. Mummy being the exception.

I wonder if we'll see boy ones this assortment. I would love more boys.

Looks like my sister might put off her Ariel custom until these are out :D

I love the colours on the mermaid, and I'm glad they didn't make her a new character. It would have been a bit Barbie-Fairytopia-ish.

And I love the wings! They're so cool!

Hair looks lovely on both of them, but we all know they will look horrible on. It's a shame. The mermaid's hair looks like it would be really lovely.

oooh why do these have to be add on's? :/ out of all the CAM packs these are the only ones that interest me....but I'll have to buy a core set...just to make one of these? siiigh.

Wow. Just wow. I'm amazed at how wonderful these look! I'm not a big mermaid fan, but this siren may just change my mind.

I love the harpy's face, she just looks so cute!

Not a fan of the CAMs sets without matching torsos, thighs, and upper arms...but I know I'd buy this regardless just to have all the new pieces and wigs.

Darn you Mattel! Why can't you make the CAMs have full sets of body parts?!

No idea o_O

Maybe they are belts?

Triumvirate said:

Can anyone tell me what those two things under the Siren's hands are? One is blue and the other is pink? What are those things? I can't make it out.

The thing about the cams, me dont want a doll wiff a purple torso, blue hands, green arms, pink upper legs, yellow calves, and an orange head. :/

Oh. My. Ghoul!

I do believe it's her siren wings, since sirens have wings, if you look close you can see some feathers

Triumvirate said:

These are really pretty! How I wish they would stop making the add-ons altogether and just make everything into a starter pack because I'd love to have a complete Harpy. For that matter I wish they would have just made that Harpy an actual character instead of a CAM, because her hair is beautiful, but on the wigs without bangs like this one you can always see the wig cap, and I hate seeing the wig cap.

Can anyone tell me what those two things under the Siren's hands are? One is blue and the other is pink? What are those things? I can't make it out.

I wonder if mattel will release another torso pack

I'd probably get the Harpy if they release matching torsos.

That Mermaid look sso awesome *__* Deff. getting these two Sets.


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