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Here's a new commercial!

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I would still buy them but.. This kind of annoyed me.. <;o

Poor Jackson! This was a lame commercial! What happened to the other commercials?!

i know right haha the 3 ghouls look fabulous though :)
Reno Kun said:

The commercial's tune is kinda... weird....

I love how they talk about the three bff's and they just shove Jackson in the corner. lol

Ummm.. i thought that was kind of... how do I put this nicely? Strange?

It was just the girls' voices and what they were saying... Like "Everybody loves this Goyle!" I think if they were going to do something like that they should have done "ghoul".  Also, it may just be me, but I don't think they really could pull off just having the dolls moved around by people... I know they do that with Barbies, but at least they do it somewhat well.

Why can't they just animate it and use the regular voices of the characters?

I wish they made more guys!

That was awful.

That was quite bad? The dolls are the best but.. The first commercial was better!


Mary Alice Weis said:


I only saw Rochelle Goyle in this commercial, venus and robecca only 2 seconds and poor jackson mattel dont mention boys in comercials and in the movies and special webepisodies :L

This. Just this.

People that know nothing about MH will hate it without even going near the boxes in the toy store. There is nothing eye-catching (and most certainly not ear-catching!) in that ad.

P.S.: Reno Kun, that line isn't really funny- it's just ridiculous! It just went to my "List of Worse Lines I've Ever Heard", just under Carolyn Collins' "I'm a werewolf, okay? Let's not make a big deal out of it", from the movie "Dark Shadows" -__-)

JemMH_Sister said:

Man...If I knew nothing about Monster High and saw this commercial I would think Mattel was just making some lame monster themed toy and never buy it. I mean really? Who thought this was appealing. It won't hold anyone's attention with that terrible music plus there's a character in it that the NEVER explain/mention. this is a terrible add to bring in new customers.

Not to mention one that just makes us old fans disgusted.

WOW this commercial sucks!!!!!

why am i upses with this


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