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Here's a new commercial!

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@C.M. Joy and Ninapedia, Yeah I know it's her freaky flaw but it didn't flow well, at all. Maybe if it were reveresed I'd like the way it sounded more. Also if you don't know anything about MH it's going to confuse you which I guess is why they tell you to go to their website.

This! This one was lame. Poor Jackson. The music make my ears want to cry.

Ninapedia said:

i miss the original commercials with the animation. the new ones seem to be really lackluster.

How about we go back to playing the MH theme with cute animation? Please?

Jackson...~! D''':


The last good commercial in my opinion was the one with Abbey, Spectra, and D&C. This one wasn't very good nor catchy :l

That was... awful. No less hyped for the dolls as I haven't seen Steam and Venus but still.

I knew Rochelle was pronounced with a shh sound!

I thought I was crazy when I didnt hear deuce in the song...

Sergeant Major Kelty said:

I'm kinda irritated they didn't even mention Jackson. It's like how in the new movies, they cut Deuce out of the song. What the crap, guys.

Uh... Are you sure that's NOT Ke$ha?

Terrible. Blecgh. NO.

Jackson, LOL and sad at the same time. :S

MATTEL: Hey, we'll put a girl who sounds like Kesha (I'm too lazy to type the dollar sign.) in our new commercial to appeal to girls and guys everwhere! LEt's shove jackson in the corner! Let's not mention him! Let's make our commercial bad! So many great ideas!!!!! :O


Man...If I knew nothing about Monster High and saw this commercial I would think Mattel was just making some lame monster themed toy and never buy it. I mean really? Who thought this was appealing. It won't hold anyone's attention with that terrible music plus there's a character in it that the NEVER explain/mention. this is a terrible add to bring in new customers.

Not to mention one that just makes us old fans disgusted.

" I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Robecca Steam"

Dont know why but I lol at this line... 


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