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Went to Wal-mart and they had a whole case of the new classroom.  They employee said that you couldn't take them till the sale starts tonight at 8.  I live in Lewisville, TX and went to  Wal-mart on Round Grove Rd.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Are the new classroom exactly the same as the older classroom dolls with the exception of the missing lockers?


Yes. I checked today.
They had a sign saying "Do not touch sale starts at 8:pm,, I picked up two went to the register and paid for them $10 a piece.. Other people were buying them why should I leave empty handed, plus I didn't have to come back at 8.

Well I just came back, they ran out in minutes.

My Wal-Mart ended up ringing them up at 5$

AND the workers ignored the 2 doll limit and let everyone buy like 13 a person...

I will resume crying in a corner.


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