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I am sure someone must have posted this before, but I didn't see it. Does anyone know about these parts for two dolls we don't have yet? I saw it on the Mattell parts page, but I don't remember hearing about these dolls before. When you click on it it says they can be used with existing dolls from the Frights, Camera, Action line.

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I wonder of those were their original names or if that was the working names Mattel gave the dolls -- so their real names wouldn't be leaked until Mattel was ready to reveal them. 

The Parts Store must have gotten a hold of some old info.

Yeah, as said above it's probably just prototype names

may I just add their editing team need a bit of work, this is SO sloppy( especially if you zoom in on her hands, wow )

Oh my gosh that editing is so bad!! For such a big company too! If our image guys did an image that bad they'd be out!! Shocking!


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