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what do you all think? any idea as to who she is?

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Eh, I'm not big on aliens, and she looks like Monster High and Novi Stars had a baby.  I'm not saying she's hideously ugly or anything, she's cute, but not for me.

Elle Eedee. or however her name is spelled perhaps?

I dont think this classifies as a leak, considering its an official pdf...but what do i know?

I'm looking into this and will advise once I've determined if the shareholders meeting is considered public info.

This information is okay to show on this website; it's from a quarterly investors meeting and was put online by Mattel.

Also, wow, she's absolutely incredible!  I'm so excited for these alien and space dolls, you don't even know.  One of my original character designs/custom dolls is an automaton, and it looks like finally Mattel is going to make her some spacey friends!

There also seems to be a second new character in this presentation, the gray-colored girl on the cover of "Boo York, Boo York".  She appears to be an android, as she has circuitry on her forehead and 'speakers' for ears.  I would speculate that she is Elle Eedee, which would make this purple crystal girl probably Astranova or Pyxis Prepstockings.

I think these are absolutely two different characters.  I'm a bit tickled how similar "Elle Eedee" looks to my own robot ghoul.  XD

I believe it's her hair (dark skin with really light hair would be REALLY striking) and I think you're right that she's a living crystal ghoul. 

Zooming in on the image in the Powerpoint makes things a bit clearer.  Her dress decorations seem to be constellations and cartography marks.  She has hair flowing out of the back of her Flash Gordon-esque helmet, but it's not clear what color it is, or if the 'ribbon trails' on her left side are hair or part of her dress.

Her collar is metalized, it's going to be very shiny and neat if they continue with that on the production doll.  I'm more inclined to say she is Astranova than Pyxis, but that's based only on the fact that she's not....well...wearing stockings.

Catrine DeMew's name is also a tip of the hat in name only -though, interestingly, every hairstyle she's had has been based on a hairstyle Catherine Deneuve has had.  Casta Fierce is another 'in name only' tribute that doesn't seem to draw any visual inspiration from Beyonce.  I think expecting Pyxis to look like Pippi Longstocking is a long shot.

I still don't think Pyxis is a good name, prepstockings sounds moronic.

Anyway, this purple chick looks like a create a monster to me. I dunno, she's lacking something but that could be because 1: it's a prototype and 2: it's not a very good picture.

I'd love to be able to see her hair for instance.

Still, love the colour and love the idea of a living elemental kinda character (rock or gems or something?)

Those ribbon bits look like a cape to me. Which would go with her helmet.

the art for boo york is odd, looks coloured pencil which is unusual but that's beside the point.

Presumably that's Elle Eedee because no other trademark makes sense. And omg Drake, she DOES like like Atomica.

I like her unused among the official characters (i guess, i can't even remember all of them) skintone, but she looks more like a Cam than a basic... her look is made of just one piece of clothing (a dress) and the plastic cap/wig... it's too simple for me. Gilda had pants, a shirt, a jacket... i always imagine basic dolls to have several pieces of clothing in their looks.

the characters on the Boo York cover i think are just a first draft of the final illustrations. Freaky Fusion had the same issue when this came out and people were screaming "fakieeees" all over the internet, but it was just an early draft

we already know about Catty and Clawdeen being part of the line, Cleo is news and if Whisp comes back from the dead i'm ok with that, she's probably gonna be a one-time "reco" of Gigi like 13 wishes lagoona was

I still seriously don't know how the space theme can fit with a City themed musical movie... i was hoping for all the space related trademarks to shine in their own movie... yes, she could be a robot too now that i see... still find her a little bit musical unrelated.

EDIT: found a bigger pic and yes, i totally see all the robotic themes now. microchips and stuff. She could be great!!! the shape of the head, the hairdo and color and low-res made me think she was whisp

BTW there's also news and pictured of MH megablocks coming out in 2015 and a new MH doll size on tumblr but i can't make a post right now, also don't know if they deserve their own posts as news or we should keep them all here and change the title since they're out on the same day

Triumvirate said:

I can sort of see why people are saying Whisp, but if no one was saying that all over the fandom I would never have thought Whisp for one second. She has a pony tail. She's muted cold colors. Yes, I see that part. But that's where the similarities end. She has circuitry on her boots, crop circle designs on her forehead, UFO shaped earrings, and some banded structures like metal plates on her neck...if anyone just looks at her details for a moment I'm not sure how anyone could really think that would be Whisp. 


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