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I just saw on Tumblr a new 3 pack with Draculaura, Catty(in her frightseers outfit), and Clawdeen called "out of tombers"?! I think it's an exclusive to CostCo. I just wish it was Frankie and Toralei instead of Draculaura and Clawdeen!

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*headdesk* The only way to get that Catty is COSTCO?!  Ugh!  Oh well, at least if I can find some way to get it, I can get Draculaura as well, and just display the box so Clawdeen isn't visible. 

I have Clawdeen and Draculaura I guess I can live without that Catty, her outfit is nice but I don't have Costco membership plus you have to pay to join and over here they don't accept some employees of places, I don't think I'd want to pay £40 or more for 2 dolls I already have just to get the one I don't, there goes all hopes of a Catty and Pharaoh 2 pack, Frankie and Toralei would have made sense too since clearly they are in the movie, but only if it's not Costco so I and everyone will have a chance to get it.

How much was the set?

Catty is getting a fair amount of dolls this year, what four, I think?  Two BYBY, the Londoom 3 pack, and Geek Shriek.  Pretty good for a mid tier character, I'd say maybe along the lines of Rochelle or Venus, who usually gets about three a year.

Catrine is the one to me who has come out of nowhere, no specials, no webisodes, no nothing based on her lately, and she's gotten Ghoul Talk, Gloom and Bloom, and Ghoul Fitness recently.  

Frankie and Abbey had been getting a lot last year, so I guess it's their time out of rotation.

Are they available yet?

I have to admit, I am annoyed by the fact that it's the same Draculaura and Clawdeen. I would like to have seen someone not already released.

I think Catty is becoming a main Ghoul she seems to be getting a lot of attention, the movie is going to be about her and I'm seeing her getting featured a lot in the mag and stuff, on the back of the scaremester collection/new Ghoul at school DVD it mentions her name too, I haven't watched yet but the other names mentioned were all older characters she's the only newest one to get a name mentioned, so it seems she's taking over a bit, I wouldn't say it's a bad thing I like Catty a lot, she clearly is the Ghoul of the year it seems so anyway, perhaps she is popular and her dolls sold really well Mattel decided to give her more dolls to please the fans.

i'm feeling a bit annoyed by this why a costco exclusive it really makes no sense. Any store that you have to buy a membership should not receive exclusive items because it forces people to buy a membership. It really doesn't help the fandom it's almost as bad as the comic con exclusives. I won't be getting this pack it's too much trouble to spend at least 40 plus the ten dollar no membership fee just to get one new doll and some extras. Not worth it to me.

there might be a chance of a single release think back to roller maze abbey,i also already have clawdeen and draculaura but havn't unboxed them yet so may not incase the 3 pack comes to the uk.

This has to suck for completest. Why would mattel make an exclusive for a store you have to buy a membership for ridiculous. And to top it off they include two other dolls they already release didn't even give a second outfit as an incentive to buy the damn 3 pk. In the movie Draculaura, Frankie, and I think Clawdeen are wearing kinda gala dresses they could of gone that route. Way to go mattel. What sucks is the kids parents are really not gonna buy this. I mean alot of collectors will not mind cause they want every doll and are willing to pay more and go the extra mile. I agree catty is getting alot of attention she is a werecat which among the monsters theme were animals are just popular. She probably sell well. I'm sure most kids don't know alot of the other monster themes out there but every one knows werewolves and werecats.

There goes my theory that she was going to come out in a 2 pack with Seth Ptolemy *sigh*


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