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Our latest update features a new “Big Sister” torso, Wolf ears and 2 different sized unicorn horns. These items are meant for use with your Monster High customs. The “Big Sister” is made from a Nefera body. It’s been modified to use CAM limbs, wings & tail. The wolf ears are made from the CAM set. The clips were removed and the post replaced with a threaded rod. The unicorn horns were a request and come in two different sizes. All the head accessories use a threaded rod so you can attach securely without need for glue. ^_^

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Yup, she's got the same skin tone as Cleo, which worked out great!

The main problem I've seen with the body swapping is that Howleen's hands are kind of an awkward shape and size. The posing of them doesn't help with the visual proportions, but it's not too bad.

purple_monkfish said:

The forearms look to be the same length and shape to my eye... the lower bits are stumpy lol. It's odd. And she's the same skin tone as Cleo by the looks.

Are you still looking for a Howleen to use as a base?

I am not. Little Sister is already in the store. :)

Michi Kaioh said:

Are you still looking for a Howleen to use as a base?

What I AM looking for right now is a nude GR Frankie so she can model the Banshee Kit we are making.

Wow wow wow.. loving all the new stuff! I've gotta figure out how i'd go about making the Gargoyle custom I want to do now you have little sister torsos heh.

I think... I will need a Toralei... dang.


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