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So hasbro dumped a load of stuff.

No pictures, no info I can find, but some interesting listings.

We have new Equestria girls who ALREADY have molded bodices (there's pictures of those, i'm disappointed Hasbro already crapped out on them) Ew.

We also have listings for new disney princesses (and princes! there's an aladdin doll and a beast doll listed!) , some 18 inch line called New Adventures LLC (not sure if Hasbro or some new company) a huge swathe of MLP stuff and what's got me curious, several dozen listings for various "marvel doll asst"

Including "Squirrel girl doll", Daisy Johnson (Quake), Dante Pertuz (Inferno), America Chavez (miss America), ghost spider (Spider Gwen), Ms (Ms Marvel presumably) training outfit and secret identity listings. Could this be linked to Marvel Rising? (new cartoon movie coming out later this year)

So... marvel dolls!?? Example listing. (Maybe two outfits? Civilian and superhero?) cheaper ones too.

I'm cautiously optimistic. I mean, Marvel Rising looks to be fairly female led with Squirrel Girl, Ms Marvel and Spider Gwen at the forefront, all of whom are MASSIVELY popular with comic nerds.

So... Hasbro's answer to DC Superhero girls? (which incidentally, has been rebooted. Least the cartoons have and it's getting an actual tv syndication on Cartoon Network and produced by Lauren Faust (as in, mlp friendship is magic))

The art style worries me. It's a bit too Teen Titans Go, makes me think it's gonna be chaotic, bright and fast paced with very shallow plots and heavy on the "humor" element. meanwhile is Marvel's look. The artstyle looks more mature, more Xmen the animated series or even DC's old things like Justice League and Batman the animated series. I predict a bit more grown up, more plot heavy, a little more mature. So hmmmm.

My only concern is that like ALL Marvel's recent things, it'll be too tightly linked to all their other things (movies, tv series etc) which I personally find absolutely exhausting to keep track of. I don't WANT to watch a dozen tv shows and a good 20 movies to know what's going on thanks. I'm hoping as it's animated it'll still be aimed at "kids" (particularly with the merch being listed as dolls rather than action figures) and thus stand alone. We could do with a few more serious superhero cartoon back on tv. I hope that if the movie does well we'll get a tv series to compete with the DC one, and you know, be good.

COME ON HASBRO! don't crap out on these! if you're gonna do Marvel dolls, do them right!

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Thank you for this new Marvel Rising news. And for the links. :)

oh monkfish! thanks for the info dump! Marvel Rising looks interesting and its def their answer to DC Supehero girls, but I wish they could include some X-characters. I know that wont happen until the Fox deal is done but thats going to take forever with Comcast's continued attempts to f@&! them over.

Curious about the new Hasbro Disney dolls. They have been very hit and miss for the most part though the Princesses finally getting smaller heads have been a major improvement.

oh yeah I agree about the new DC SHG relaunch. I liked the Faust MLP designs but this looks like an attempt to mimic TTGO. I loved the original Teen Titans series but never bothered with GO as the designs and storytelling dont appeal to me. I guess we're just too old for the hyper exaggerated Cal Arts style & lol!!sorandom!!! storytelling thats so popular in animated series now. :\


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