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New 28 inch Skelita

Pearl and Peri Styling Heads

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I love em all....especially Perri.......but im really having trouble with Skelitas inconsistancies.....specifically her nose...i much prefer her original nose apposed to her Amazon exclusive nose...they just need to stick with one or the other.

Are these exclusives again? So tempting...but I'm running out of room. I think Skelita is a must buy for me

Is Skelita still bones under there? With ribs and a spine and pelvis and stuff?

Skelita is really cool, where did you find her?

She's at Walmart

I'm really hoping someone is gonna get me the peri & pearl head for christmas tbh. My family thinks its weird but I think they look amazing

Does anyone know if the 28"dolls come with stands? I don't see stands listed on any of the boxes, but I could have looked over it. Has anyone opened them? What do you think?

No they do not but I believe that they stand firmly on their own


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