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New 28 inch Skelita

Pearl and Peri Styling Heads

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OK, the Peri and Pearl styling head is epic!  And I like the dolls.  My sister got hers earlier this year, Walmart knocked them down to 10 dollers each on clearance, and she's going to want these, too.

Skelita is quite the surprise, especially at this size.  

Yeah, wasn't Skelita deemed too scary or thin or something to continue in the Monster High universe?

And I'm not down with the scary Blythe eye mechanism....

She's in the Minis, but I figured she would just be white, maybe with painted on bone details instead of the actual bones.  Still, she looks very pretty.  Is that a new faceup?

I was kind of hoping for more 17 inch dolls rather than the 28 inch dolls, but I'm very happy with 28 inch Skelita. She looks wonderful.

Same, I love the 17 inchers, but these are a bit big for me.  And expensive.

What's the point of making a 28" Skelita? Does Mattel want to make her more important and stop pushing her in the backburner? If so, they should make new dolls of her.

I think the only reason were still seeing so much Skelita after the reboot is b/c they want to piggyback off of Pixar's upcoming Day of the Dead movie. Otherwise we'd be seeing squat of her...

OK more "28 dolls, I recently got the Gore-geous Ghoul dolls for my birthday they are huge and they take up a lot of room so I do not know about these ones, the first one is cute but the second one is not as wowing, and Skelita is very random and very confusing as to why of all characters they would pick her, I might get her I am not entirely sure she doesn't grab me I don't know why, why is she in her basic outfit I don't get it why not something different, Pearl and Perri styling head again random but it is pretty awesome I'm not a big fan of styling heads I much prefer the dolls which is why I have zero I used to have some Bratz ones 10 years ago but I never really cared for them as much as I did the dolls, so I am not sure if I will get this or not I might be tempted but it depends on the price and how they look in person.

its pretty cool!

Wow, I like the Gorgeous ghouls. I hope they are easier to find, never saw them in stores the last time and they are expensive on Ebay. They look really pretty.

I love the Skelita! Yay!



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