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Negative Nancy thread - Rants, moans, complaints and general snark

yep, this isn't a place for sunshine and rainbows, this is a place for gripes. Petty and trivial or major, feel free to vent about MH related stuff that's bugging the heck outta ya.

Sometimes we all just need to vent some steam.

So here's a good place to scream and shout and throw things and not be judged for it.

Only rules are to try to follow the standard rules, so no profanity and no attacking other users okay?

other than that, feel free to yell about Mattel being jerks and plastic moulded on tat and gimmick overload and pink puke and all that fun stuff.

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LOL We can do positive/negative rants. We add diversity to the thread!

I have a budget non articulated McKeyla and I love her! She is very simple and so cute. She had no hat so she is wearing now the purple haired McKeyla flowery hat. So so cute. It does not bother me at all that she has no articulations.

I really don't like the plastic of the articulated dolls. It gives a cheap look to the doll. I was horrified when I saw my first dolls. I did not expect the plastic to be so bad quality. When they wear pants or leggins, it is not so bad but with skirts, oh no! The forearms look so awful too. And anyway, their joints are so weak, I cannot do much with them.

Oh yes, the crappy experiments! LOL

I have missed the clearance on the MC2 dolls. I went to France at the time for 2 months because my Mum was not well. I think the Project MC2 dolls were never released in France or hardly. I have never seen any. They had a few left in Toys R Us when they closed down but they were still very expensive. I am pleased I have found a few second hand in good condition reasonably priced.

I hope I will find the purple haired MCKeyla one day.


Majorly bummed out about this dieting *bleep*, because my family thinks that I'm freaking out too much about it in restaurants, but....

When you go from eating massive bags of popcorn, entire boxes of crackers, and entire bags of only a few sittings, and then, you're limited to 60 grams of carbs / day, and you go to the movies....and they're out of hot dogs, so you have a big bag of salty popcorn (ICK! Silly mistake....), and then, at dinner, you can't count the carbs, and you have a hot dog, but there are potatoes and noodles in the soup....and tater salad on the side....and Oldies songs like "Lollipop" and "Dream, Dream, Dream" are playing on the radio in the family that you keep reminiscing about candy and pie and....carbs....

Well, do they expect me to not freak out? I may be going to extremes by trying to cut carbs almost completely, but I'm on an "Eat-By-Numbers" diet now, right after scarfing on major carbs throughout my entire life....up until the Physical....I want to be able to make myself proud....of myself.

So....I had to sit there and try to ignore...."The Silent Treatment" that I received during dinner....and all of the way home. That was way more than punishment, after I had only had two carrots and an apple for lunch....and one bag of popcorn....  :(  My stomach was growling to the point that I was about to...."eat the waiters". LOL!

At least I've only been looking at two red lollipops in my room....since I got them at Kmart a few days ago....and I haven't once touched them! The same will be said of the Smarties Straws that I bought, but never ate, at the movies tonight. Hell can freeze over....before I touch any of it, although Hell may be freezing over by Christmas around here....if anything else decides to depress me between now and then, although I'll try to keep my sugar consumption to "a dull roar," as in a low carb level.

Would you believe, though, that a single serving of Quaker Oats is now, for me, more than the equivalent of an entire meal's-worth of carbs? That's according to the numbers system that my doctor had me write down.   :(  It's a good thing that I can at least have the stuff with nuts and berries! Yum!  :)

I am sorry to sound like a total Debbie Downer, and I'm hoping that this diet becomes easier as the new year comes along.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

OK, a little rant...

My signature Frankie is yellowing near the hairline. The yellowing is due to the evil glue. I have 2 signature Frankie, the original and the re-release and they both suffer from the same yellowing. I find it really annoying. Talcum powder did not stop the disaster. Her hair is also yellowing...

I also noticed Spectra is yellowing. It is not due to the glue but she is not as white as she should be. Her translucent arms look pretty bad too. Some of my dolls have yellowed joints as well. It is very sad.

I am sure I have more dolls with this problem. I just did not have time to check them all.

I wonder if they are yellowing and become discoloured if they are kept in their boxes.

It is so disappointing.


Hello, Tula,

I totally hear ya'! I know what you mean about the glue yellowing the hairlines.  :(

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 


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