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Negative Nancy thread - Rants, moans, complaints and general snark

yep, this isn't a place for sunshine and rainbows, this is a place for gripes. Petty and trivial or major, feel free to vent about MH related stuff that's bugging the heck outta ya.

Sometimes we all just need to vent some steam.

So here's a good place to scream and shout and throw things and not be judged for it.

Only rules are to try to follow the standard rules, so no profanity and no attacking other users okay?

other than that, feel free to yell about Mattel being jerks and plastic moulded on tat and gimmick overload and pink puke and all that fun stuff.

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Hey Again Whispering Wolf!

You know honestly, my favorite characters are those Create-A-Monster type ones. Writing about the characters already named and fleshed out would be cool, but I don't know...I've seen what they are like and the sorts of things that they do...I guess I would be interested in new people. They have so much potential! I think I like the general school activities, maybe a few friendships, but more about the adventures. And not crazy random fight-the-bad-guy-du-jour type stuff that happens to no one, but the sort of things that would happen to a real person, stuff like a field trip (even a wacky field trip, but not something so over-the-top that my disbelief is in no way suspended, like some loosely-school-based random luxury vacation to Paris or New York fashion week to fight some incredibly idiotic super villain who comes right out and declares how evil they are and details all their evil plans---please no more fashion or pop stars or completely ridiculous big, dumb supervillains! There is so much more to life than that, but not according to Mattel!), or wacky classes, or after-school jobs...Maybe something a little like Adventure Time. Adventure Time was so good before there was too much drama/romance?. What happened to Adventure Time? It's like Monster High and Adventure Time were the best things in life that the 2010s had to offer, and they are dying together :(

Anyways, that's my thoughts, but you do you Whispering Wolf :) I watched those CGI movies and I just keep thinking, "Seriously? That's the best they could come up with? That?!" I miss the simplicity of the original webisodes. They were quick, but funny and entertaining and they developed the characters and the world so well. I miss the charm of good old Monster High :/


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