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Negative Nancy thread - Rants, moans, complaints and general snark

yep, this isn't a place for sunshine and rainbows, this is a place for gripes. Petty and trivial or major, feel free to vent about MH related stuff that's bugging the heck outta ya.

Sometimes we all just need to vent some steam.

So here's a good place to scream and shout and throw things and not be judged for it.

Only rules are to try to follow the standard rules, so no profanity and no attacking other users okay?

other than that, feel free to yell about Mattel being jerks and plastic moulded on tat and gimmick overload and pink puke and all that fun stuff.

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If you wanna talk more in depth about this weird accusation, feel free to send me a PM, the mods don't need more work purging all your posts yet again xxx

I'd generally like to know what i've done wrong, other than respond to you at all. Feeding the troll and all that jazz.

Alas for yourself, the mods never purge my posts. Quimbear and I simply decided to delete our own posts. You've done plenty of wrong things.

"Feeding the troll and all that jazz"
Yes.... feeding yourself.

All means just that: ALL.
Which means everyone. Besides, the forums will most likely be shutting down permanently within the next 6 months. It's only a matter of time.

Oh don't worry Spectra, I have screenshots of ALL that nonsense. Every last bit of it before you decided to cover your tracks. All three of you.

I'm sick of it. I've given you the benefit of the doubt Spectra, I defended you, i've tried to be understanding and nice and you just continue to bicker with people. Granted yes, half they time THEY start it, but you still continue to fight and i'm really tired of it. I'm sick of all three or four of you and this unending nonsense. I don't care how much you dislike one another, build a bridge and get over it.

It's really quite nasty to come back after spending several days very ill and sleeping to find a huge mess to clean up. I don't appreciate it and I honestly feel pretty slapped in the face.

You, Quimbear and Witchy nerdy whatever... it's got to stop.

Don't forget Remoirel & Sammy whatever.

And screenshots for what? They're useless. Quimbear and I deleted them to clear the forum and to make peace. So what use are screenshots? As souvenirs in case the forum shuts down permanently?

Screenshots my dear friend are used as proof after you go and remove evidence to have your accounts suspended or removed. You were warned after all, by Stu himself. Unfortunately following rules and playing nice is something a few of you are unable to do. I don't like having to lay down the law, I prefer to try to keep the peace but this attitude several of you have "oh doesn't matter, whatever" speaks volumes of the contempt you have for other users here and the moderators.

Enough of this. I'll start locking threads if I have to and then nobody gets to play.

Apart from what i said to you when i first joined this forum (which i got a warning for) i haven't argued with you since. I've tried to HELP you see where you're going wrong in your posts that triggers people but you didn't wanna hear it. That's all i've ever done.

I am not a troll. I joined this forum primarily to post in the UK sightings thread.

All the drama around here always involves you at the moment, weither you started it or not. IMO you deserve a ban.

Thats all i have to say. Monkfish clearly doesn't need to deal with this shit.

Really? You've been arguing non-stop since this morning and you keep protesting. You tried nothing since I'm not going anywhere wrong in my posts. Nice try but all the drama around here only involves me because I keep getting attack for daring to express myself honestly. No one deserves a ban. Not even Quimbear and the others. Because if I do, then everyone deserves to be banned. Also, there's a life outside the forums, you know. Try it.

Gawd I woke up with 20 emails from this thread and it's the same nonsense. Some people just need to learn to walk away and go brush their dolls hair. If I'm banned whatever, I only came to the forum to get the news of upcoming lines, and don't need a membership to do that.

So I finally got around to opening the dolls I've been hoarding. Boy, everyone was right about the reboot Venus and her weird body :(

Another thing I noticed on both Monster High and Ever After dolls now is the hips "sticking." Did anyone else have this? I always move all the joints to make sure everything is ok but on quite a few of the dolls the hips stick then make this snapping sound as they let go. The doll isn't damaged at all by this, it's just weird and I'm waiting for when the leg actually DOES snap off

i had this on Mirror Beach Maddie and Apple that i just opened. I assume its from being in that weird box position for so long?

Mine just have really stiff knees to teh point I feel like i'm going to break them trying to make them sit. I nearly snapped Abbey's leg sitting her down. Wth? HOW have they managed to make them weaker?

Oh yeah and one of my dolls also had a slice out of the front of the knee joint. It's not flash. I'll have to find which one and post a picture.


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