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Negative Nancy thread - Rants, moans, complaints and general snark

yep, this isn't a place for sunshine and rainbows, this is a place for gripes. Petty and trivial or major, feel free to vent about MH related stuff that's bugging the heck outta ya.

Sometimes we all just need to vent some steam.

So here's a good place to scream and shout and throw things and not be judged for it.

Only rules are to try to follow the standard rules, so no profanity and no attacking other users okay?

other than that, feel free to yell about Mattel being jerks and plastic moulded on tat and gimmick overload and pink puke and all that fun stuff.

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That's just rotten.  When I won a Skull Shores Gil a long time ago, back when he was about 200-300 dollars in box, the seller claimed he was stolen from the mail, and I always assumed she realized how much he was worth and refused to send him to me so she could sell on eBay.  I never thought to check eBay at the time.

So I rang Mattel and they won't do jack about Venus and her borked up body. They said I just have to get a refund which I don't think I can do because I don't have the box.

And I can't replace her because ALL the venus dolls are this screwed up.

They won't take any responsibility at all, no acceptance of how utterly messed up this is, they don't give a crap.

I'm going to email US head office and take this further and make a fuss.

What really gets me is that nobody else is mentioning it. Like... are people really not noticing her legs have a cm gap in them? and her arms don't attach properly? Are people really THAT blind and stupid?

Or are they all just in that sort of "oh can't make a fuss" state like the Bratz fans back in 2010 who refused to complain about the quality control.

I'm upset and i'm angry. I feel like Mattel have just passed the buck, they couldn't care less about releasing unacceptably flawed products, they flat out don't care and it sickens me.

I don't feel right spending any further money with them they are just SO blase about it. like... not a single shit is given and that's disgraceful.

The woman over the phone looked at the photos and didn't even seem shocked. She was just all "oh yeah, eh."


How can you look at this and go "yep, that's fine"

It's NOT fine.

So i'm going to take this higher and i'm going to scream about it.

Mattel shouldn't just get away with screwing over their customers with substandard products. Mark my words, this venus body WILL NOT withstand play. Her exposed joints are too fragile and weak. her legs WILL break, her wrists WILL snap.


I noticed it when I bought Venus. I was looking at her legs and wondering what was up with the legs looking like they aren't fitting right and the same with the arms and hands. Grrrrr!!!!

I have to say that the quality from the dolls made in Indonesia is absolutely horrendous!!! Sooooo many goofs and paint mess ups!! It is just rediculous!!!!

I hope this isnt the direction they take all the bodies in.

Less articulation for the little kids to not break/lose parts, so if they want articulation we'll give it to em but they still cant pull the pieces out!

Like, how the hell do you even redress this Venus in anything with a Sleeve? her hand is never gonna fit through surely?

Head Office can't possibly give the 'return it' response since they must know all the new Venus bodies so far are the same. Really the return it response sounds like the robotic safe response to anything that sounds like a fault.

that's it though, they're refusing to acknowledge it's a fault. It's like, they care so little they just sent all these out like this. ALL THREE different venus dolls on the market are on this borked body. I'd have expected a running change to fix it but no, they can't be bothered so they're just going to keep making them and hope nobody notices.

And not only does it look ugly as sin and really limit redressing, it also interferes with posing AND leaves the wrist and knee joint extremely fragile.

I got an official email response from Mattel telling me to return it to argos for a voucher. Just "not our problem, return if for a refund and go away"

I'm disgusted and honestly looking at this doll makes me angry and upset. It's like Mattel just don't care at all, and all those years of giving them my money accounts for nothing in their eyes. They'd sooner lose my custom than admit to a mistake and make it right and that's disgraceful.

So i'm out. I'm bowing out. I am not buying any more Mattel products till they make this right (read: never)

I'm done. I will not give money to a company who cares so little about their customers, thinks we're stupid enough to just accept any old crap they squeeze out and has the audacity to respond in such a blase manner. The woman over the phone honestly couldn't give a single damn. She had this flat sort of "go away" tone the whole conversation and was doing everything she could to get me off the line.

I sent mattel usa a message as well about it accusing them of covering up a factory error and trying to sweep it under the rug (which i'm convinced is what this is) and telling them they should be ashamed of themselves. They have this whole spiel about "high standards" and standing behind their products, how can you stand behind THIS?

and what really gets my goat? NOBODY ELSE SEEMS TO CARE

It's like 2010 all over when Bratz relaunched and the quality was horrible and dolls heads were falling off as soon as you deboxed them and MGA fans just accepted it and were all "no no, it's a feature!" and deluded themselves and just took it.

wth? You can love something and be unhappy and angry, you can be upset about something not meeting your standards!

And i'm NOT a very fussy collector as people well know. My silvi has gouges in her face but I didn't care that much. I have several dolls i've had to repaint lips or brows due to smears but hey, it happens. This is unacceptable for me, this is the line. I cannot fix a poorly engineered incorrectly assembled body and looking at her makes me feel... all churned up inside. Like.. I feel so much remorse buying her.

I'm going to contact argos as well and lodge an official complaint with them. If they get enough returns of this one doll maybe they'll complain to mattel too and they'll listen. Because they don't give a damn about their customers, maybe they care about their distributors.

But damn.. their handling of this is just...

what they should have done and what any decent company would do is appologise, admit it shouldn't look like that, refer the images on to the department to launch of a proper investigation and send a £5 "sorry we screwed up" voucher. Which is what they do if your doll is smeared up or something and you don't want to return it.

But they flat out don't care and are treating my complaint as if it's MY problem I don't "like" the product. No, you spoiled it.

eugh. and it's a shame because she's got a pretty face but her body is disgusting.

No more reboot for me. Mattel have spoiled it.

Uh oh, I got Party Ghouls Venus but have yet to open her. I'm going to check right now to see if I even WANT to open her or if I need to just return her....

Same body :( It looks like the wells in the wrists for the balls weren't drilled out in this mold. As for the knees, I don't know what they were thinking....WERE they thinking?

MH is like a sinking ship going down fast........

Sooo many errors and quality control problems. It is so sad. 

I emailed argos and they rang me straight away. I don't need the box, they'll accept the return and refund me probably with store credit.

I think i'll keep her handbag out of spite.

What I'd like to understand is why Venus is the only ghouls with this awful problem? Why just her? I swear Mattel has vowed to drive us all insane with their inconsistencies and erratic decisions when it comes to MH. If they no longer want to create and deliver products of qualities, they should just pull the plug and end it.

right? If it's a running change, why do it now? Why bother to engineer the new style joints and then take a backward step to using these arms? And even if they were giving them EAH style arms where the elbow isn't removable, why wouldn't the joints fit correctly?

And it doesn't explain the knees.

I think someone messed up their maths and the moulds were wrong, but instead of making new moulds they decided to just churn them out with the screwed joints anyway because "who cares, kids are dumb, they won't notice"

The contempt for their fans is quite clear here. They think we're dumb.

After getting nowhere with Mattel UK, because they couldn't care less and generally hate their customers, I emailed head offices in the USA.

I sent them a link to my blog too.

Along with a rant.

I got this reply:

To begin, I would like to thank you for your tremendous support and enthusiasm for our brand through the years. Collectors like you are at the heart of our beloved brand, and your support means everything to us.

With that being said, I apologize for your intense disappointment regarding the rebooted version of our Venus dolls. It is evident from your email that this is a matter you are very passionate about, and I want to assure you that we hear what youre saying.

Our design teams will be interested to hear your remarks about the arms not being removable, the hands being poorly sculpted, the joints not fitting the sockets, and the gaps in the knees, arms, and wrists. Ill be sharing your comments directly with them with the hope that theyll consider your concerns when making future products.

Its not every day that we receive such a thorough and honest review, and I thank you for taking the time to provide this detailed feedback. Quality will always be one of our main concerns, and we appreciate your perspective.

Best Wishes,
Diane D
Mattel Consumer Services Associate

Is it just me, or did they just realise they screwed with a blogger and are running scared? HAH.

You better hide Mattel, because bored housewife doll collectors have sooo much time and so much passion and I can make things very... very... very uncomfortable for them on social media and across every site that I can leave reviews.

Oh, you think I won't Mattel? I will. I really will.

And here's the thing, they could have handled this well. They could have looked at the photos, heard my complaints and said "oh dear, that's not right, we will take this up with the department and in the meantime, here's a returns label and an appology" but nope, they just passed the buck as they always do.

"not our problem." they say.

Well.. it is now.

Because i'm mad.

And i'm gonna share the hell out of this in the hope others will also complain.

If we stay silent then nothing happens, but if enough people complain and enough people return venus dolls citing "doll is damaged, body is faulty" then Mattel will either have to admit they don't care and knowingly released faulty goods and do a running change, or they'll lose an awful lot of revenue.

I kinda wish they would just stop and pull the plug. This was the last straw for me. MH was like that cheating ex you keep taking back after they hurt you. This time they gave me herpes.

idk that sounds like a good response to me?

I still have my Venus that im going to open for review today. It just means i more than likely wont buy any more if the body stays the same. I'll wait and see till i open mine what my final opinion is (or if i break a limb off in the process)


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