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Negative Nancy thread - Rants, moans, complaints and general snark

yep, this isn't a place for sunshine and rainbows, this is a place for gripes. Petty and trivial or major, feel free to vent about MH related stuff that's bugging the heck outta ya.

Sometimes we all just need to vent some steam.

So here's a good place to scream and shout and throw things and not be judged for it.

Only rules are to try to follow the standard rules, so no profanity and no attacking other users okay?

other than that, feel free to yell about Mattel being jerks and plastic moulded on tat and gimmick overload and pink puke and all that fun stuff.

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Ok its sorted. Scarah has a longer delivery date apparently, and hes going to ship everything else tomorrow and Scarah separately.

Oh good!

Or people charging full/close to full for nude dolls.  I've noticed a lot of EAH ones especially, but same with MH, posted nude on eBay for $10 or so each.  If I wanted to pay that for a nude doll, many of these I can go get in store for about that price, strip the doll, and sell the clothes to make some of my money back or trade it.

seems to be what people do. I actually found two dolls in a charity shop today, very very close to new condition heh. Mine now.

£2 each is way more like it.

What I can't stand is those people who buy dolls and don't just strip em, but remove the arms and the heads and sell each bit individually like.. wth? Is there honestly a market for just bodies with no arms and heads? I don't get it.

My sister and I were just talking about this, someone has done it with a basic Darling on eBay, hands with ring in one lot, head, body, dress, tiara, armor, all listed in separate pieces.  Hands I get, outfit I suppose I get, but the head and body in separate lots?  I know customizers are looking for bodies, I've heard of accidents and boo-boos happening, and body swaps, but does it really sell like this?  I can't see it happening.

yeah I don't get it. I can understand outfit, hands as spares, shoes, accessories... but who the heck buys just a body with no arms?


I just imagine these sellers must have boxes of decapitated handless bodies laying about, unable to be sold, just.. piles of bodies... everywhere. lol.

I assume they must sell on occasion, replacing a busted leg or someone has extra hands laying around, but the body to usable parts ratio is kind of creepy.

Maybe they use those headless bodies with no arms to make some sort of powerful voodoo soup, lol!!

There are some people I really would not put that past!  "Let's just sacrifice all these Draculaura bodies for more pink everywhere!"

This is our doll aisle, all that is not Barbie, Disney, or blind bags.  This is the only small area we have left, and I'm guessing fall reset will be even smaller.

but ooo venus!

still, man it's depressing. Looks better than our UK stores though. Asda literally had TWO frankie dolls, that was it. The only MH in the store.

Same with mine, 1 Draccy, 1 Frankie and some minis bags.

I'm still hoping i'll walk into Sainsburys one day and they'll have all these lines we haven't got yet. I just caved and bought Pets Frankie and Draccy from £47.15 for 2 budgets aint exactly logical.


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