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Negative Nancy thread - Rants, moans, complaints and general snark

yep, this isn't a place for sunshine and rainbows, this is a place for gripes. Petty and trivial or major, feel free to vent about MH related stuff that's bugging the heck outta ya.

Sometimes we all just need to vent some steam.

So here's a good place to scream and shout and throw things and not be judged for it.

Only rules are to try to follow the standard rules, so no profanity and no attacking other users okay?

other than that, feel free to yell about Mattel being jerks and plastic moulded on tat and gimmick overload and pink puke and all that fun stuff.

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My rant of the day isn't MH related exactly, but I was trying to BUY mh dolls so yeah.

Very screwed up my order... twice.

First time it told me "error, cannot authenticate payment" so i tried with my card and it glitched out and took me through paypal again. So I filled that out, clicked "okay" and it went to a white screen.


Checked paypal, one payment had come out. then about 3 minutes later a second identical payment

no confirmation email and the sale isn't registering on my account.

So basically Very just nicked like £60 off me.

I messaged them and their customer service guy claims it'll be returned to me in 3 days and i'm just like "i don't want you to hang onto it for 3 days you jerks, I want you to process my order and send me my dang dolls."

I'm now waiting for an email from "matt the customer service dude" about whether they can speed up refunding both payments so I can order properly and get my dolls to review.


I think this is fate's way of telling me I don't NEED more MH dolls lol.

It's been a few hours, they still haven't emailed me.

Ok mattel what the heck have you been thinking lately frist of all what's with starfire's little green fire thing getting stuck on her hand it took me an hour just to cut the stupid thing off so she could have a regular hand. That green fire thing is totally defective and you should be a ashamed of yourselves. Why did you make electrofied  Frankie so gimmicky for i looked at her yesterday and i couldn't buy her cause she was so lame. She only does four things and the little monster thing is stuck to her hand so she can't be redressed propertly. You can't do much of anything with her which is a waste so I'm not buying. What is up with the welcome to monster dance banner it won't stay up. The only cool thing about the set is the stage and the doll's dress glad i got it half price. What is up with all these dolls with no bend arms and all these cheap molded top dolls. You made seven molded top monster high dolls! Why did you do that? Weren't the fright mares enough mold why give us seven regular dolls covered in mold! If your too blind to see mattel i'm talking about the day to night ceepers and the fear creator dolls you made. Why do five cheap budgets with molded tops and shoes for five that kids will just toss why not make a deccent toy. You've made decent barbies for five so why make super cheap mh for five. Why botter if it's junk.

Love this thread!

Here's a little thing that happened a few days ago but seriously pissed me off: I went on EBay and did a search to find a doll I wanted. A Barbie called Birthstone Collection - May Emerald. I'm not that much into Barbie but having a few ones can be nice from time to time when you're bored and in the 80's and early 90's, some awesome outfits were made. So anyway, I find the doll. Exactly the one I've wanted for so long, a beautiful redhead. I buy her and use Paypal to pay immediately. The next morning, the seller sends me a message to tell me that he put up the wrong picture... instead of owning a redheaded version to sell, he owned a brunette. But since he was too lazy to take a pic himself and put it up on the site, he simply (and quickly) uploaded a pic from Google image, without even checking if it was at least the right doll... he founded me back right away but still... being a bit more professional and attentive to details when you sell something doesn't hurt. I was so pissed.

Oh gosh I HATE that!

Hope you find a proper one soon!

So I'm conflicted about this Silvi Timberwolf character. I think she's cute to an extent and is pretty unique as far as reboot dolls go, but I find that I'm not really that compelled to buy her, and I've figured out why: we have zero indication of her personality. That's my problem.

We have no idea what this character is like because we haven't seen her in media (we haven't even seen her bio) so we're essentially buying a doll with no known personality. For a brand like Barbie it doesn't really matter since characters aren't as big of a deal, but for Monster High, it really is a character-based franchise. Barbie is one person with a ton of random friends, but Monster High is made up of lots of personalities together. At least Ari was a musician and had a vague British accent from the movie trailer. We know nothing about Silvi whatsoever other than what she looks like, and for that reason I'm just not compelled to buy her, at least at this point in time.

Here's another rant I've kind of tacked onto this one, not MH related but I feel it's really necessary because it's annoyed me a lot. So I checked Instagram to see if there was any news on the new Project Mc2 dolls coming to the UK, and I see this post:

Official UK-based Project Mc2 account, claiming that the brand new formal experiment dolls are available now at Smyths and The Entertainer. And I'm like, omg so excited, because naturally when I see a new Prodge there's no other reaction I can provide other than pure excitement. I love these dolls. So I check both the Entertainer and Smyths websites and lo and behold...nothing. None of the new formal dolls. Fine, I might have checked fifteen minutes after the thing was posted, but I checked again and still nothing there. This reminds me of when the Wave 2 deluxes were advertised on the UK Project Mc2 Facebook page yet they were available nowhere in the UK at that time. Yet again, MGA is lying to UK customers and it's really not cute. It wasn't fun the first time and it sure as heck isn't fun this time either. And I love these dolls so it's an issue that matters to me.

*deep breaths*

MGA, if you want me to support your dolls, the least you could do is to be honest about their availability. Don't mess with our heads, and do NOT lie to us. 

By the way, this is a really good thread. Thanks for making it :D

I wrote MGA a long ranting complaint when tehy did this with their Music Festival Sasha accusing them of misleading customers. They sent me a doll to shut me up lol.

Email em! What you got to lose?

and mmm Silvi, she's cute but mine is mangled. I should write to mattel about it but I can't be bothered. They'll make me run around and jump through hoops and i'm like.. naaah. I'll take mine with the not so terrible hair and gouged up face over risking worse.

Come to think of it, Music Festival Sasha never came out in the UK properly. That was sad, she was the best one in the wave.

I emailed them last year about Wave 2 (they were posting the adverts on the UK page when they weren't even available) but I didn't get anything out of that. They just said 'please note that Argos is a stockist too'. Yeah, a stockist that didn't stock Wave 2. But then Debenhams got Wave 2 in so I kind of just shut up, since I was quite happy with my Wave 2 Bryden. But it makes me sad to see they're doing the exact same thing again, but this time claiming that they're available at certain stores, and really they're not. It's misleading marketing at its absolute worst. 

I've sent them a tweet, but I should probably wait a few days before I get into the nitty gritty with emails and stuff. Maybe if I email them they might shut me up with a formalwear Ember? Perhaps? :D 

lol rant at em! RANT!

Yeah, I changed my mind shortly after and wrote them a very intense email. So much for giving them a few days haha. 

I decided to go a little more intense than I did last year, blatantly telling them that they were lying to the fans. I even brought up the Advertising Standards Authority and their rules on misleading online advertising. Maybe I'll get a proper answer this time instead of them shutting me up with American shopping links like they did last year. That's right, last time I complained they provided me with some product links on US sites that didn't even ship to the UK! And a Bentzen link too, though I respect them I wasn't gonna buy one for ten pounds more than the RRP. 

Hopefully I've ranted sufficiently enough to provide some sort of actual response that clears this whole mess up. Doll-based compensation wouldn't be too bad either...(just kidding about that last bit!)

So I got a response today, really quickly which I was happy to see. One of the social media managers said that they were misinformed and believed the dolls were in stores already, and that they've removed the posts now. I'm glad it was sorted out so quickly, and the lady that emailed me was really nice as well. Asked me if I was well, which was great. It looks like this issue is all sorted and I'm glad it's been cleared up. 

Kind of made me even more excited to get the dolls when they come out.

Is that why i can't find MF Sasha anywhere? lol.

Same with Remix Sasha, just doesn't seem to exist in the UK. I got my Study Abroad one off ebay, never seen her in stores, and Instapets i got off of Amazon, not in stores either.

All seems a bit...segregated right?

Not fully articulated dolls are killing me! Why Mattel? :'(


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