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Neffera And the cat sisters INFEARMATION( UPDATED on June 23 2011)

Nefera de Nile - Nefera is Cleo's older sister. Nefera is first mentioned in Clawd's diary and has had a mention in the webisode "Miss Infearmation" and Cleo's new diary. Nefera was the previous Fearleading captain prior to her graduating and is the one who placed Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody on the squad and insists Cleo keeps them on. Nefera has also gained a modelling career after high school to the chagrin of Cleo. Cleo feels insecure whenever compared to Nefera. Nefera has been recently trademarked for a doll.[17]


And now we know the names are Purssephone and Meowlody(how cheesy LOL)


(75% of the info was found on wikipedia 25% in clawds diary)  I AM NOT A PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR DONT JUDGE MY RATINGS LOL 


Heres neffera

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i think the cat sisters are catty, not a pun, they rlly get on my nerves
I agree with you completely. Melody is the daughter of a Siren. :) For sure.

Bones said:

Alright, I've read both books many times, and if Melody isn't a siren, i will sell one of my Clawdeen dolls. Seriously. It's clear even she thinks she's adopted though in the second books she's worried it's true. But It'd be silly to think that there's a chance she isn't actually a siren. Unless she's a singing Camel whisperer, then I guess she's just an extra freaky human....Though I'm amazed that Asthma can go away like that.....I doubt it's like Eddie Kaspbrak'sand only in her head but who knows....


Oh, and by the standards of her dating a RAD and helping RAD, then....well, Brett wish came true. XDD (sorry, couldn't resist.)

OMG!!! I am drooling for one!!!!!



When can I get her???? I love the blue lips and purple eyes.....I didn't think I would like Nefera, but she looks so wicked!

George G said:

Neferra Sneak Peek


PROBABLY NOT UNTIL 2012 fair!  ;-)
When will you be getting Toralei?

George G said:
Not sure yet about Toralei

Thunderina Melody is a siren girl in the MH books. She was adopted by a couple in Beverly Hills and was lead to think they weren't her birth parents ever since Cleo's servant Manu said something to her. In the third book she meets her real mom who is a siren. A doll Melody would be like this:

  • Black hair 
  • Grey eyes
  • Feathers (feather extensions and clothing/Jewelry)
  • Hoodie (one of her trademarks)
  • Pink shoes (pink converse are another trademark of hers)


That's if there were to be true to the book.

ThuderinaStripe@ImNeru♥LenIsMine said:

y r we talking about an unknown person Melodey


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