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Need to sell Toralei 1st Wave. Also have Skelita for parts.

I've got a Toralei 1st wave in excellent condition, with everything but diary and stand, no box. She comes with her full outfit, purse, and Sweet Fang pet.

 Ideally I'd love to get $30 from her. Will hear reasonable offers, but I'm going through a rough patch and I'm only selling her because shes one of the only dolls I didn't receive as a gift.

Also have a Skelita, I think she was from the Paris set, she just has on her dress and I think shoes, so she'd be better for a project or spare parts. Make me an offer, might be interested in a trade of some form on THIS one only.

Can provide pics upon request. 

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Do you have any pictures? On this forum you're not allow to sell with out posting images of the items you want to sell.

And about Skelita, Is the doll whole? I friend of mine is looking for the hands for her. Really all she needs is 1 hand. I'm not sure if it is left or right though. ^_^; Please let me know? Thanks.

Skelita is whole, she just doesn't have her accesories anymore. 

Here's a pic of Toralei.


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