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need opinions on my new Descendants Uma doll (eye wonk?)

well this is driving me crazy. I ordered this Uma doll from the 3rd Descendants film on Amazon, and besides her hair being a bit messy I cant help but think something is off with her face. Does anyone else think it looks wonky, like her forehead is too big b/c her eyes are too low on her face? I dont remember having that impression(big forehead) when I saw her in stores last year. Im usually pretty bad at figuring out eye wonk b/c of my obsessiveness. Sometimes its obvious to me but other times if its very subtle I cant make up my mind about it. What do you think?

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Well, I am not the best person to identify wonk. I see it if it is obvious. I see what you mean about her forehead. It seems a bit big. I only have seen this doll once in the Disney store and then they became impossible to find. I never saw any of the others Descendants 3 dolls.

Maybe you could try checking the reviews on Youtube. It would give you an idea. It is difficult for me to know because I am unfamiliar with these dolls. I only have a few of them and I don't have any Uma doll. There is a guy who is obsessed with Descendants on Youtube. He does reviews. I can't link it with my phone, I don't know how to do it (I know! lol). I think his channel is called Descender or something like that.

ok now looking at the pics what Im noticing more is that one of her eyes is misplaced, like it should be closer to the center of her face. I have tried comparing it to pics of the some doll Ive seen online but cant really notice much of a difference. Haven't tried reading Amazon reviews though that's a good idea. Might try that Youtuber as well, thanks!

if all else I'll return her and have Amazon send me a replacement, though there's no guarantee the replacement will be any better, sigh.

You are right about the eye being misplaced. I did not notice at first but now that you mentioned it, I can see it. It is not terrible. The problem with these things is that once we have noticed them that's all we can see. The omgs paint defects drive me nuts. I end up seeing them more than the doll itself!! (I exaggerate but you know what I mean!). After a while, I am ok with them but initially that's all I can see.

I hope you can exchange her for one you like better.


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